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Education abroad is essential to national security

Sunday schools are at the heart of Bulgarian communities around the world, where children learn their mother tongue, culture, history and traditions. There are nearly 400 schools abroad and more than half of them are members of the State Agency for..

26.07.22 16:11 |
Vice President Iotova at the exposition

National exposition of arts and crafts in Oreshak marks 50th jubilee

The national exposition of arts and crafts in Oreshak village near Troyan is marking its 50 th jubilee today with a retrospective exhibition “Tradition with a future”. Vice President Iliana Iotova is a special guest at the event. Here is what..

25.06.22 15:30 |

7 Bulgarian idiosyncrasies that are puzzling to foreigners

Bulgaria is a beautiful, safe and secure country, Bulgarians are welcoming people, ever ready to show the world their best. But there are some Bulgarian idiosyncrasies that a foreigner finds hard to understand. Here are some of them: “Do..

11.05.22 16:10 |

What is survachka and what do foreigners know about this traditional Bulgarian object?

The multilingual audience of Radio Bulgaria is very well informed about the traditions and culture of this country. This is partly due to the detailed and accessible information that we present to you daily in 10 languages through articles,..

19.01.22 12:56 |

Day of St. Sylvester – folk customs and beliefs

On January 2, the Orthodox Church pays honor to St. Sylvester – Pope of Rome, who lived in the III - IV century. In 314 he was elected Roman bishop and pope and he remained on this position until his death in 335. This was the time when..

02.01.22 10:50 |

A winter’s tale of kukeri, and how tradition is passed down from father to daughter

They are clad in genuine animal skins weighing 30-40 kgs. each, wear horns and all kinds of different-coloured charms. They sometimes hide their faces behind fearful masks, at other times they show their weather-beaten faces. Their pictures..

02.01.22 09:10 |

Three saint days mark the start of the December festive season

A multitude of beliefs and rituals in Bulgarian folklore tradition, are connected with the day of St. Varvara, Barbara, 4 December, marking the start of a string of feast days. According to legend, St. Varvara was born in what are today..

04.12.21 09:00 |

Dimo Karakehayov: The tradition of tahini-making in Bulgaria passed down through generations

Dimo Karakehayov from the town of Ivaylovgrad (southern Bulgaria) is а third-generation tahini maker The 33-year-old entrepreneur talks to Radio Bulgaria about why Ivaylovgrad is the only region in the country where sesame seeds..

21.11.21 06:00 |

International competition on a quest for preserved Bulgarian embroidery motifs

“Bulgarian Sparks 2016” community centre in the town of Dobrich (Northeastern Bulgaria) runs an international competition for authentic or reproduced original Bulgarian embroidery motifs. By 15 December 2021, contestants must submit a sample..

20.11.21 09:05 |

The colorful world of Bulgarian embroidery exhibited in Samokov

In the middle of summer, the mountain resort of Borovets welcomes its guests with its well-marked paths that lead to the secrets of the Rila Mountains. But if you want to combine your mountain vacation with cultural tourism, we recommend visiting..

27.07.21 16:37 |

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