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Orthodox church honors the memory of St. Charalampos

On February 10, Christians in Bulgaria honor martyr St. Charalampos of Magnesia. In the Bulgarian tradition, this is one of the last winter holidays. From that day on, people started working on their land again together with the withdrawal of winter...

10.02.24 05:10 |

Babinden in Razlog - a city that is keeper of traditions

At the beginning of each year, The Bulgarian city of Razlog and the surrounding villages start feverish preparations for Babinden or Midwives’ Day. The holiday is dedicated to the “grannies” who helped women give birth. Every year it is celebrated on..

20.01.24 11:14 |

Orthodox Christians venerate St. Anna - Mother of the Theotokos 

On December 9th we celebrate St. Anna - the mother of the Virgin Mary.   Joachim and Anna had been childless for many years and prayed to God to grant them a baby. One day an angel of the Lord appeared to Anna and told her that she would give birth to..

09.12.23 10:35 |

Kyustendil revives a local Christmas tradition

The Christmas festivities in Kyustendil start on December 2 with lighting of the Christmas tree in the city square "Velbuzhd". Festive decorations will also shine in the central part of the city. A Christmas Town in the center..

02.12.23 08:05 |

The first rakia museum has opened doors in Sofia

Rakia (fruit brandy) is the queen of the drinks on the Balkans. “We can say that it originates from the Arab world, from the drink Arak. But Bulgarian rakia is unique and we are very proud of our rakia, especially the grape variety,"..

09.10.23 13:45 |

Exhibition presents children’s view of the rituals and traditions of four countries

Young artists from Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine and Spain will be showing works inspired by the rituals and traditions in different countries. The exhibition, organized with the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria, and with the..

27.08.23 08:10 |

Kanatitza Festival dedicated to traditional embroidery organised in Canada

Bulgarian embroidery festival will take place in the period September 22 to 24 in Vancouver and it is organised by the Bulgarian-Canadian Society of British Columbia. The festival is called "Kanatitza" after a type of traditional symbol..

13.08.23 13:28 |

"Traditions Meet the Future" in Oreshak

A celebration entitled "Traditions meet the future" will take place at the National Exhibition of Arts and Crafts in the village of Oreshak on June 7. More than 120 students from schools in Troyan will learn from the experience of..

07.06.23 08:05 |

Festival in Samokov attracts tourists and lovers of culinary experiences

Various dishes that are characteristic of the region of Samokov, such as potato pancake with filling of beans, peppers, onions and spices, as well as many other local meals prepared according to old recipes were among the many culinary..

17.04.23 17:36 |

Culinary competition and egg fight recall of Easter traditions in western Bulgaria

In the midst of Easter, the municipality of Radomir organized the traditional competition for children "The Hardest Easter Egg" and the culinary competition "Red, Red Easter". Before lunch, in the park of the youth cultural and..

17.04.23 13:45 |
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