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Theodora Dimova

Talking about the communist past is more and more imperative if we want to protect our children

Bulgaria is still the only European country without a memorial to the victims of totalitarian regimes. Attention was once again called to this shameful fact, like a long untreated ulcer on the body of our society, on 1 June, when hundreds of people..

20.06.24 14:12 |

The Bulgarian pavilion at the Venice Biennale presents The Neighbours

For the 3 rd time in a row, and the 11 th overall in its history, Bulgaria will take part in the Venice Art Biennale with a pavilion of its own. This year, the forum is taking place from 20 April to 24 November in Italy. Bulgaria will..

05.01.24 13:09 |
Sofia Synagogue

Solidarity actions in Sofia in support of the victims of Hamas in Israel

A peaceful march is organized in the center of Sofia at noon on November 7, as a sign of solidarity and support for the campaign aimed to release the Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas. On Monday evening, a commemorative..

07.11.23 09:40 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova

Tourism Minister Zaritsa Dinkova: 4,000 tourists have been affected by the floods

So far, the bodies of three victims of the floods have been identified- two men and a woman. Two women are still missing. There are no new reports of missing people, the Ministry of Interior said. Police teams regulate traffic on all traffic arteries..

06.09.23 15:16 |

June 3 is a day of commemoration for the victims from Belene concentration camp

The annual initiative commemorating the victims of the biggest concentration camp for the political opponents of the Bulgarian Communist Party in Bulgaria, is to take place at 12 noon today on the spot where the former concentration camp Belene stood..

03.06.23 09:05 |

Bulgaria’s Parliament marks the 108th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Members of Parliament honored the victims of the Armenian Genocide with declarations. " Back in 1987, the European Parliament declared April 24 as  Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day", said MP Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of Vazrazhdane. He..

26.04.23 12:41 |

Art workshop helps abuse survivors cope with traumatic memories

Domestic violence in Bulgaria has no official statistics and there is no adequately enforced law. According to NGOs, nearly 1 million women are victims in this country; the exact number of men and children who have experienced psychological,..

20.04.23 15:12 |

Bulgaria has donated nearly 1 million euro for the victims of Turkey earthquake

Nearly 1 million euros have been raised in Bulgaria from donations in the bank account opened to help the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey last month , the Turkish television CNN-Turk reported, quoted by BTA. The Turkish TV channel presents a..

06.03.23 16:46 |

Shortage of doctors in Syria in earthquake-hit areas

In Syria, survivors of the devastating earthquake live in fear, sleeping outside in sub-zero temperatures without safe drinking water. In an interview for BNT, Dr. Mohamed Alibrahim - a doctor from the Center for Emergency Medical Assistance in Sofia,..

17.02.23 10:02 |

Bulgarian rescuers shocked by devastation in Turkey

What they experienced after the devastating earthquakes in Turkey has left a deep impression on the psyche of the rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service at the Bulgarian Red Cross . Initially, they first passed through Adana, where the scale of..

14.02.23 10:49 |
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