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Producers are already selling the grain at lower prices

In recent months, wheat for bread has been exported from Bulgaria to the Far East and North Africa, announced Preslav Borisov from the management of the Bulgarian Farmers' Union. There are buyers in Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, and other countries...

30.10.23 10:41 |

Bulgaria has lost its 3rd place as wheat exporter in the EU

France has taken the third place in the ranking of EU wheat exporters since the beginning of the agricultural season (July 1) and Bulgaria dropped to fourth place with 877,000 tons . This is what data from the European Commission show. Romania..

12.09.23 18:08 |

PP-DB, GERB and MRF propose lifting ban on grain imports from Ukraine

A draft decision prepared by PP- DB, GERB and MRF envisages that after September 15, 2023, Bulgaria should not support the continuation of the emergency measure banning imports of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds from Ukraine into..

12.09.23 17:13 |
Bread of Peace 2022

The harvest campaign in Bulgaria starts amids farmers’ discontent

June 28 is the day on which the harvest campaign for 2023 in Bulgaria officially opens. Traditionally, the start is given in the fields of one of the representatives of the Association of Grain Producers from a different region.  This year the..

27.06.23 13:49 |
Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev at the gathering of sheep breeders near Lyaskovets, May 6, 2023.

Bulgaria is unhappy with the EU aid to support farmers

Bulgaria will be allocated around €10 million from the second EC financial package worth €100 million to help farmers in the countries most affected by duty-free imports of agricultural products from Ukraine.  The aid was distributed between Bulgaria,..

06.05.23 15:12 |

Growers from 5 member states submit declaration to EU Parliament

A joint declaration by farmers' organisations from 5 EU member states has been signed in Poland, BNR Varna reporter Maya Shcherbanova informs. The demands of farmers from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania, are for the import of..

13.04.23 17:48 |

642,000 tons of Ukrainian grain have been imported in Bulgaria between July 2022 and March 2023

Nearly 642,000 tons of  Ukrainian  grain have been imported in Bulgaria since the start of the Black Sea Grain Initiative ( July 2022-March 2023 ) , show data of the National Customs Agency provided to BNR under the Access to Public..

11.04.23 19:38 |
Agriculture Minister Yavor Gechev toalking to protesting farmers in the village of Gorna Studena, March 21, 2023

EU Commission to allocate €16 million compensation to Bulgarian grain producers

Before harvest, Bulgaria will receive 16 million euros from the European Commission to compensate grain producers for their production left in storage because of the Ukrainian grain duty-free dumping. This is what Agriculture Minister Yavor Gechev..

21.03.23 14:13 |

Bulgarian wheat is waiting in storage

Agricultural production worth more than 17 million euros is not being sold and is waiting in storage in Silistra region due to low purchase prices, BTA reported.  On the one hand, the prices of EU-authorised fertilisers and chemicals are very high..

16.02.23 16:55 |

Bulgarian Agriculture Minister: Wheat from Ukraine causes serious imbalance in domestic markets

Wheat is produced in very large quantities in Bulgaria in compliance with all European environmental parameters. Although Bulgaria is a friendly country to Ukraine, the grain coming from there is not produced to the same standard and is seriously..

07.10.22 17:52 |
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