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Bulgarian grain producers call for meeting with the Minister of Agriculture over Ukrainian wheat

Bulgarian grain producers have called for a meeting with the caretaker Minister of Agriculture Yavor Gechev because of the unregulated import of cheap wheat and sunflower from Ukraine. This was reported to BNR by Shumen Malomir Vlasov from the..

03.08.22 15:35 |

Grain producers threaten protests over grain from Ukraine

Grain producers from all over the country are threatening protests within two weeks. They plan to block off major thoroughfares in Bulgaria, the members of the board of the National Grain Producers Association decided at a meeting today, BNR’s Maya..

26.07.22 17:07 |
Vinnytsia in Ukraine

At least three victims of a rocket attack in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro

At least three people were killed and 15 injured in a rocket attack in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. According to the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, Valentin Reznichenko, the rockets hit an industrial zone and a nearby busy street. The Russian..

16.07.22 10:47 |

Grain imports from Ukraine worry Bulgarian farmers

A good wheat harvest – around 7 million tonnes – is what Bulgarian wheat producers are expecting, the standard annual wheat yield being around 5 million tonnes, outgoing Minister of Agriculture Ivan Ivanov says. Though the outlook is..

11.07.22 12:30 |

Outgoing government decided not to buy grain for the state reserve

The outgoing Bulgarian government has withdrawn its decision to allocate more than 1 billion leva (511 million euros) for the purchase of grain for the state reserve. "Given the expectations of a good new harvest of autumn crops and the fact that there..

29.06.22 17:09 |

Bulgarian producers fear bankruptcies because of duty-free imports from Ukraine

European directive on duty-free imports from Ukraine could lead to replacement of Bulgarian products from the market. The price of Bulgarian agricultural produce has drastically risen because of higher prices of fuel and fertilizers...

28.06.22 15:07 |

Bulgaria expects good grain harvest, there will be wheat for export

Bulgaria continues to be a significant factor in the international grain market and occupies the prestigious 11th place in the world in wheat exports to over 30 countries in 2021 .  Wheat accounts for 20% of Bulgaria's total agricultural exports. This..

19.06.22 10:53 |

Bulgaria's Minister of Agriculture does not expect food crisis in the country

There is no danger that entire regions in the country will be left without bread, said Bulgaria's Agriculture  Minister Ivan Ivanov during the National Fair of Sheep Breeders, which is held near the Peter and Paul Monastery near Arbanassi, close to..

06.05.22 17:22 |

Bulgaria will supply wheat to North Macedonia

An agreement has been reached for North Macedonia to import wheat from Bulgaria, Macedonian Agriculture Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski announced on Facebook. "My colleague, the Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture Ivan Ivanov, and I agreed to provide..

06.04.22 10:00 |

Exports of wheat from Bulgaria will not lead to shortages

There is enough wheat in Bulgaria to meet the needs of the population for the next two years. Before the BNT, representatives of the National Association of Grain Producers demanded clear rules from the government to ensure the country's food security...

08.03.22 18:55 |

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