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BNR: 80 years in 80 weeks

2015: Bulgarian National Radio - 80 years on

published on 12/30/15 3:05 PM

2013: Government in isolation

published on 12/19/15 9:00 AM

2012: Alexis Weissenberg – everything is sound

published on 12/12/15 8:25 AM

2011: The unforgettable Velko Kunev

“I believe that even talented playwright Stanislav Stratiev who wrote the role in the emblematic movie Band With No Name especially for Velko Kunev, would have found it hard to find words of solace if he were here with us now. Velko..

published on 12/5/15 8:25 AM

2010: Kristalina Georgieva - It is important to be aware that we stand on an equal footing with the rest in Europe

„What is happening around the world, concerns us, and the more we turn a blind eye to that it concerns us, the more we get encaged in our domestic problems and narrow our horizon, the more inadequate we become in making..

published on 11/21/15 8:30 AM

2009: Petar Slabakov - The honest word is heavier than law

Bulgaria had no Prague Spring, no Tender Revolution, no Solidarity movement, nor huge dissidents like Havel and Wałęsa. The main reasons are the psychology of the Bulgarian people and the repressions against the intellectual elite..

published on 11/14/15 9:45 AM

2008: Poet Konstantin Pavlov

Reciting his poem An Interview in the Whale's Womb, Pavlov went on to say: „To enter the whale's womb you should prove you've got worth. There is 'worth' control… There I first met Valery Petrov, and say, Boris Hristov met me…”..

published on 11/7/15 9:00 AM

2007: Bulgaria joins EU - torn between Euro-optimism and Euro-scepticism

“Europe in anything other than the geographical sense is a wholly artificial construct.” Sobering words, especially coming from Margaret Thatcher in her book Statecraft. In the 1980s, the Iron Lady dragged Britain out of the..

published on 10/31/15 8:10 AM

2006: Stefan Gruev - the Other Bulgaria

The Other Bulgaria – these were the thousands of Bulgarians outcast abroad after the pro-Soviet coup d’etat on 9 September 1944. Scattered around the globe, they carried the image of their motherland, its controversial past, tragic present..

published on 10/24/15 8:10 AM

2005: Ghena Dimitrova, the voice of the century

In a piece of correspondence, great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi once wrote: „Do not try too hard to teach a singer how to sing. Provided he has got a devil on his back he knows how to sing.” These words perfectly suit Ghena..

published on 10/17/15 9:00 AM

2004: Yordan Radichkov - the wizard from Kalimanitsa

„I had mostly poor marks in Bulgarian language and literature. I got them because I could not possibly write an introduction, a body copy and a conclusion in an essay. I begin as I like and wind up the story as I like.” This is what..

published on 10/10/15 10:15 AM

2003: Blaga Dimitrova - integrity in times of political disgrace

„I have heard Blaga Dimitrova being described as a misunderstanding – a woman, and a poetess at that and so very rational. Critics who often reproach her of being ‘notional’ also blame her for a knack ‘to invent’.” These are words of celebrated..

published on 10/3/15 10:25 AM

2002: Pope John Paul II visits Bulgaria

As Roman Pontiff, Pope John Paul II paid over 100 visits in different parts of the world. He was the first Pope to have been inside a synagogue, a mosque and a protestant church, sending out an important message to the public, a message..

published on 9/26/15 8:00 AM