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Bulgaria marks 35th anniversary of the Museum of Urban Life in Ruse

The Calliope House is one of the must-see stops for everyone wishing to learn details about the history of the city of Ruse located on the Danube River, dubbed the Little Vienna. The emblematic Calliope House, which was built back in..

published on 3/14/22 12:54 PM

Todorovden combines pagan beliefs and Orthodox canon

Today, March 12, Bulgarians are celebrating Todorovden - a favorite church holiday, which is observed on the first Saturday of Lent. Todorovden honors the memory of the Christian saint-warrior St. Theodore Tyrone, venerated as a great martyr by..

published on 3/12/22 8:00 AM

On Cheesefare Sunday we ask for forgiveness

"When there is a fault, there is forgiveness" is an old Bulgarian saying. In our folk customs there are days when giving forgiveness for all wrongdoings is obligatory. The most important among them is today's Forgiveness Day, also called..

published on 3/6/22 8:15 AM

Maglizh monastery keeps the memory of Levski alive

Close to the town of Maglizh, tucked away amidst the slopes of the Balkan Range rises the St. Nicholas monastery of Maglizh. It is thought to have been founded at the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185-1393). After Bulgaria fell to the..

published on 2/19/22 10:10 AM

Songs and legends in honor of St. Haralambos – patron saint of beekeepers

According to the Orthodox traditions, the 10 th of February is dedicated to St. Haralambos (Haralampi), who died a martyr's death during the persecution of Christians in the 3rd century. According to the Church, his wounds healed miraculously..

published on 2/10/22 10:55 AM

Petlyovden (Rooster Day) in Bulgaria – rituals for the health of young boys

Petlyovden (meaning Rooster Day) is a folk holiday in Bulgaria marked on February 2 and dedicated to the health and fertility of the male offspring of a family. It is celebrated mostly in Eastern Bulgaria - from the region of Dobrudzha to..

published on 2/2/22 11:59 AM

The statesman who laid the foundations of modern Bulgaria

Stefan Stambolov was a rarity in Bulgarian political life. Very few if any of the statesmen in this country have been able to achieve as much for a life span. A revolutionary and a poet, evolved into a politician and reformer, he is one of the..

published on 1/31/22 9:40 AM

The Church of Miracles in Bulgaria’s Melnik

The church to St. Antony the Great in the smallest Bulgarian town Melnik is the only one in Bulgaria bearing the name of the saint-healer, whom the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours on January 17. "The one-nave basilica was built in 1846. It..

published on 1/16/22 8:00 AM

Epiphany is coming, or the end of the "Unclean Days"

On January 6, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates one of the brightest Christian holidays, called Epiphany, Yordanovden or the Baptism of the Lord. This is the day on which John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the sacred River Jordan...

published on 1/6/22 9:39 AM

Lean dishes are served on Christmas Eve to elevate soul to holiday’s essence

In the Christian world, the Nativity of Christ is seen as a celebration of the hope that is born to fill the hearts of believers with joy. The daily vanity gives way to the family holiday and the people closest to the heart. In the Bulgarian..

published on 12/24/21 10:00 AM