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Kukeri banish evil forces in Razlog

As is the tradition, this morning kukeri in the town of Razlog came out to banish the forces of evil on the first day of the new year, BGNES reports. People in Razlog woke up to the beating of drums and the ringing of bells this misty..

published on 1/1/21 12:56 PM

A look at New Year’s traditions for health and prosperity

We are sending off a difficult year, full of unexpected events and changes. In isolation or simply observing social distancing, whether or not theyagree with the measures against the as yet new virus, people are thinking about the future,..

published on 12/31/20 2:50 PM

Survachka - the magic wand of Bulgarians

The first hours of the New Year in Bulgaria begin with the custom of “survakane” - a ritual tour around the village by a group of children or bachelors who carry a specially decorated wooden twig called "survachka" and pat wit it family..

published on 12/31/20 10:15 AM

Christmas spirit in Tsarevo and Tsarevets

The outgoing year has brought many disappointments to Bulgarian amateur artists as they faced difficult choices and decisions. Nevertheless, Margarita Petkova and Georgi Iliev are optimistic. They do not know each other, but they have a common..

published on 12/26/20 8:20 AM

Pandemic reminds us of the family character and traditions of Christmas

This year, the Christmas and New Year holidays will be much more different. One of the mandatory elements of this period of the year – the Christmas parties, are now absent from our to do list. Moreover, we have less opportunities to get into the..

published on 12/23/20 9:05 AM

We mark day of Saint Varvara, protectress of children

Saint Varvara (or Saint Barbara) is the female saint to whom the fourth day of December is dedicated, as she is venerated by both Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Special chants describing her feat are performed during the church service on this day...

published on 12/4/20 5:45 AM

Todor Todorov – the living encyclopedia of folklore

Among Bulgaria’s folklore musicians Todor Todorov is a true legend. For his knowledge of Bulgarian folklore, especially the performers, he is respected by the most thorough of researchers. And he learnt it all by himself – from recordings and..

published on 10/11/20 6:00 AM

Visiting the workshop of Rhodope master bagpiper Iliya Uchikov

The bagpipe is a traditional instrument not only for the Balkans but for the rest of Europe. In Bulgaria, two types of bagpipes are played – a s mall one called " jura " and a large " kaba ". The Rhodope region is known all over the world for the..

published on 9/30/20 4:37 PM

The magic of Bulgarian folklore comes to life in Bourgas

The show “The seven wonders of Bulgaria” will come to life on 12 September in the space between the Sea Casino cultural centre and the Ohlyuva (the Snail) stage in Bourgas on the Black Sea. The audience will be able to enjoy performances by folk..

published on 9/12/20 6:10 AM

Stayka Gyokova-emblem of original Thracian song

On September 7 renowned Thracian singer Stayka Gyokova celebrates her 90 th birth anniversary . She moulds difficult Thracian melodic ornamentations with her deep and beautiful alto voice . That is why she prefers and gets inspired by slow songs. She..

published on 9/7/20 5:05 AM