Introduction of moratorium on bank loan payments in Bulgaria has been delayed

The introduction of moratorium on bank loan payments in Bulgaria has been postponed. On April 1 the Bulgarian National Bank had to come up with criteria for   temporary  public and private moratorium on bank loan payments. The extraordinary..

published on 4/1/20 7:28 PM

Premier Borissov thanks the Bulgarians for their efforts against COVID-19

The world is facing a huge challenge- a war that claims many innocent lives. We must do our best to protect the lives and the health of the Bulgarian people, this country’s Premier Boyko Borissov wrote on his Facebook page. The world is desperately..

published on 4/1/20 6:42 PM

EU delivers to Bulgaria substance for precise testing of COVID-19

Four accredited Bulgarian laboratories (2 in Sofia, 1 in Stara Zagora and 1 in Varna) received new control substance created by European scientists to check the precision of the COVID-10 tests. The initiative aims to prevent false negative tests,..

published on 4/1/20 6:08 PM

10 new cases of COVID-19 registered in Bulgaria

A total of 422 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Bulgaria until now, data of the National Crisis Headquarters shows. COVID-19 death toll rose to nine people. The last death case was registered on April 1- a fifty- seven-year-old man..

published on 4/1/20 5:36 PM

6,000 Bulgarian students are getting ready for the Summer Work and Travel Program in USA

The Summer Work and Travel Program in the USA has not been cancelled, but was only delayed with 13 days, Svetlan Danev from the Association of International Cultural Exchange Agencies said. 6,000 Bulgarian students are getting ready to travel to the..

published on 4/1/20 5:26 PM

Price of natural gas in Bulgaria reduced by 42.78%

The price of natural gas in Bulgaria decreases with 42.78%, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission announced.   The price of natural gas approved by the state-owned gas supplier Bulgargaz falls to EUR 12.87 per megawatt, whereas in the first..

published on 4/1/20 5:06 PM
Bulgaria's Council of Ministers building

Bulgaria’s government calls for extension of state of emergency until May 13

The Bulgarian cabinet will submit a proposal to this country’s National Assembly to extend the state of emergency until May 13. Bulgaria is doing its best to limit the spread of COVID-19 epidemic, but the dimensions of the crisis cannot be assessed..

published on 4/1/20 4:37 PM

Bulgaria registers budgetary surplus for first quarter of the year

The national budget has not yet been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The Ministry of Finance registered a EUR 600 million budgetary surplus for the first quarter of the year by 31 March. Nevertheless, the surplus is falling because at the..

published on 4/1/20 4:11 PM

Parliament cancels session over COVID-19

The parliamentary session on 2 April which was supposed to discuss the update of the national budget has been cancelled. The parliamentary groups did not approve the proposal to hold the session remotely. According to the opposition..

published on 4/1/20 3:43 PM

Bulgarians accept emergency measures but fear for economy: Survey

Over the past week there has been no change in Bulgarians’ attitudes with regard the coronavirus, indicate the second wave of survey by Gallup International. Two-thirds of the respondents say that the measures taken by the authorities are..

published on 4/1/20 2:24 PM