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Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture, 2019

In our series “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture, 2019”, Radio Bulgaria presents some of the highlights in the cultural calendar of the first Bulgarian city selected to be a cultural capital of Europe. 

Here you will find intriguing information about the history, the life and the authentic spirit of one of the oldest still-inhabited cities on the continent – Plovdiv. 

Ancient Plovdiv continues to reveal its secrets

Another archaeological discovery has been recently made in the center of Plovdiv – a marble statuette of the goddess Cybele. The “North Forum” where the ancient statuette was found has been studied since 1986 and represents the heart of the..

published on 12/10/19 12:46 PM

74 percent of Plovdiv citizens visited at least one cultural event in their city during the year

Seventy-four percent of Plovdiv residents have visited at least one cultural event in their hometown this year thanks to the initiative "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture", it became clear at the Looking Back & Thinking Forward..

published on 11/30/19 8:15 AM

Pianists from nine countries with concerts in four towns in Bulgaria

Sixteen pianists from Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada, Korea, Japan, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Philippines will give four concerts in the Bulgarian towns which took part in the contest for European capital of culture – Plovdiv (16 November),..

published on 11/16/19 9:00 AM

“Plovdiv Typeface" – psychological profile of a city, transformed into font

On the Day of Slavonic Alphabet and Bulgarian Culture – May 24, a campaign dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet and its special place in world culture and in the program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019, was launched. The idea was to..

published on 11/5/19 1:03 PM

John Scofield and other musicians of world renown at Plovdiv Jazz Fest

The jazz festival in Plovdiv is inviting friends and fans to its jazz events from 31 October till 2 November. As always the concerts are taking place at the Boris Christoff culture house in the city. Each one of the jazz nights has its own theme,..

published on 10/31/19 9:55 AM

Philatelic gems from all over Europe displayed in Plovdiv until October 20

The European Philatelic Exhibition "Plovdiv-Phila 2019" has already been opened in Plovdiv. Philatelists from 19 countries are showing impressive exhibits on 480 boards. A well-known collector from London presents rare and expensive Bulgarian..

published on 10/18/19 9:40 AM

The irons collector– painter Dimitar Dobrev from Plovdiv

Starting as a joke, an idea gave birth to a whole collection, so diverse that it could be presented in an uncommon sort of museum – one dedicated to irons. From the oldest models working on charcoal to the electric ones, of various sizes and some..

published on 10/13/19 8:00 AM

Bulgarian puppet theater immerses audience into Japanese tale

The Days of Japanese Culture in Bulgaria have become the reason for presenting a puppet theater play for children and adults at the Sofia Army Theater. The play is captivating with colors and exotic atmosphere from the Land of the Rising Sun...

published on 10/8/19 3:17 PM

New lease of life for the ancient episcopal basilica in Plovdiv

In the year 313 Emperor Constantine the Great enforced the Edict of Milan proclaiming religious toleration which put an end to the persecution of Christians within the Roman Empire. The construction began of temples to the Christian God, but in..

published on 9/29/19 8:00 AM

Annie Pilibosian living between Plovdiv and Paris

Annie Pilibosian was born and raised in Sofia, she studied and graduated in Sofia, and then became French language teacher. And then her life turned around – she left for France where she married. She always comes back to Bulgaria, but for the past..

published on 9/18/19 3:31 PM