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In harmony with earth and sky - the ecological village of Azareya

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Photo: Veneta Nikolova

Could the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui improve one’s health and make them more complete and happy people? One way to find out is staying for a few days in the heart of the Troyan Balkan Mountain, in the eco-village of Azareya. Here everything is subject to aesthetics, which bring in harmony with the laws of earth and sky and make people achieve balance with themselves and the environment. This is what the owners of this unique for this country experimental village say.


Azareya – the name is supposed to come from the language of the ancient Thracians. This is the way our ancestors called the Ursa Major constellation and the word meant "radiant, glowing, shining." Indeed, viewed from above the little village, with its houses arranged in a circle, strangely resembles the positions of the stars in the constellation. This is not just a coincidence because in Azareya nothing is accidental. Every detail in it is consistent with the knowledge of the ancient people for storage of positive energy. "By means of architecture and construction we have created a place that has a positive effect on health and creative potential of the human psyche," says engineer Svetoslav Valtchev who manages the village. According to him, concrete prevails in most of our homes . Sometimes, however construction material contains radiation and other harmful matter. That is why we often feel uncomfortable in our concrete cells. The owners of the complex turn to nature for a solution and to the knowledge of ancient people regarding energy links between earth and sky.


Ancient Bulgarian lived in tents, Eskimos - in igloos. And what about the pyramid structures in Egypt? Ancient peoples were certainly aware of how to build their homes and what proportions to observe. All these constructions have round or conical shape, similar to the six houses in Azareya. These wooden houses are located in a circle around a small pyramid structure in the center of the village. According to developers, this structure creates conditions for amplification of cosmic forces that neutralizes harmful anthropogenic emissions. Moreover, mountain crystals are placed in the houses. It is believed that these crystals help achieve harmony between earth and the cosmic energy.


"This is a small eco-village in which we used principles of Feng Shui, the Vedic science of positioning of buildings, as well as the knowledge of the pyramids,” Svetoslav Valtchev says.  “The village looks interesting, unusual, beautiful. What is most interesting is that people who spend a longer time here say they feel much better and feel an improvement in their health. We have subjected our guests to tests of their energy fields that show normaliz