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11 new hiking routes lead to hidden treasures of Strandzha

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The best way to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life is to go deep into the Strandzha Mountain. In this untouched corner of Bulgaria one can find shady forests and unexpected natural treasures. In recent years, experts from the Strandzha Natural Park have made serious efforts to make the mountain more accessible to tourists. This summer lovers of hiking will have the ability to enrich their knowledge about nature as 11 brand new interpretative trails opened in the mountain. 


Herbs, bats, rivers and predators - this is the way the thematic focus of the trails developed by the Strandzha Natural Park under the Environment Operational Program can be described. Strandzha is different than other mountains on the old continent. The reason is that this wooded area was spared by the last ice age, thanks to which interesting plant species can be found here, like the Strandzha periwinkle, for example. There is a special route dedicated to this plant. More from Vladimir Dimitrov – director of the Natural Park.


"This is an emblematic route. It starts close to the village of Kondolovo and reaches a vast area where this unique evergreen plant grows. Actually, only here one can find evergreen shrubs typical of the Caucasus and in particular for the southern coast of the Black Sea. Only in Strandzha this type of vegetation enters the territory of Europe. Tourists can see the plants growing in their natural habitats as well as other evergreen species such as laurel, Daphne pontica and other unique to the area plants. "


 There is a variety of wild animals and predators inhabiting the forests of the mountain. A route starting near the village of Zabernovo is dedicated to them. It reveals the typical habitats of native predators such as jackals, wolves, ferrets and more. A separate trail equipped with information boards and rest areas, is dedicated to the incredible wealth of herbs in Strandzha, where over 500 species grow. The starting point is the village of Brashlyan and hiking time is about 5 hours, during which one can see a great number of local medicinal plants like the so-called Crimean tea. Near the sea there are marked hiking trails along the Veleka and Rezovska rivers which lead to the beaches of Ahtopol and SInemorets. The management of the park has developed a special trail dedicated to a creature that likes flying over the rocky areas of the mountain during the night.


"We have a route dedicated to bats, which is located close to the town of Malko Turnovo,” Vladimir Dimitrov says. “Along this route, there is a strong concentration of these animals, especially in winter months. Some years ago we placed special boxes for bats in the area and now the interpretative trail is a continuation of our work.  There are information boards and there are places for recreation where people can fully enjoy their contact with nature.”


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