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Jazz musician Georgi Kornazov talks about strength, love and consciousness

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In recent years Georgi Kornazov has released three albums: "Sila," “Georgui Kornazov ‘Horizons Quintet’ - The Budapest Concert" and "Suznanie," which is his latest album.

Although he has been living and working in France for two decades, the renowned trombonist and composer never cut the link to his country. Even the titles of the projects and the titles of the individual songs are always in Bulgarian language, written in Latin letters. BNR’s Albena Bezovska interviewed the jazz musician during his brief stay in Bulgaria. But first let’s listen to one of his pieces.

In France, Georgi presents his original music with various bands that he heads. He has been working in various projects, performing works of other musician, too. He told us more about his album “Sila.”

"The music was originally intended for sextet. Some time ago I received an invitation from a French festival to create an original project based on my music but written for quintet. I invited famous trumpeter Gueoffroy Tamisier, with whom I have been working for many years. In fact, he has performed in all of my projects. I reworked the score and I think everything turned out very interesting. I entitled the album ‘Sila’ (“Force” in English), because it is the power of music that helped me overcome major obstacles in recent years. It is also the power of love, of passion. This CD received "Shock” - the highest grade of the French jazz criticism. I have already presented the album in Budapest, Zurich, Vienna, and in a number of places in France. In October a mini-tour will take place in Burgundy. We are also to present the project in the North German Radio in Hamburg. I always use Bulgarian titles because they feel right to me. I first write the music before thinking about a title. In general I think there should be no titles at all, but it turned out issues with the copyright emerged this way."

"Suznanie is my newest album,” Georgi says. “The word itself is also very important to me. I am interested in people’s consciousness and their reactions. The album is performed in a duo with pianist Leonardo Montana. This type of jazz formation is something specific as instrumentalists have equal positions, regardless of who wrote the music. Working in a duo is also linked to human ego, to the ability to dedicate your entire professionalism and love to something that was created by another person. Maybe my next album will be titled "Ego." I have not presented Suznanie in Bulgaria yet and its premiere will be in a small club in France in April. What is the most important to me? Maybe love. It gives life to everything. The most important thing to me right now is also writing music. I am doing it without thinking of receiving any material or moral awards. This is my state of consciousness right now. "

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