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Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra presents music works of different national traditions

Photo: Anny Petrova

On November 3 at 6.30 pm the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Mark Kadin gives a concert in Bulgaria Hall in Sofia. The audience will enjoy some emblematic pieces such as Thracian Dances symphonic suite by Petko Staynov-the first significant work in the biography of the celebrated Bulgarian classical musician. Petko Staynov created this piece right after he graduated from the Dresden Musical Conservatory in 1925. In the beginning it was in three movements- Paydushko, Rachenitsa and Horo and one year later the author added another movement to the suite named Mechkarsko (The Bear Warder’s Dance).

The concert programme also includes Dances of Galánta by Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály. In 2017 we mark the 50th anniversary of his death. The piece was created in 1933 on occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Budapest Philharmonic Society. Zoltán Kodály dedicated many years of his life to gather and preserve folklore music and he did that with a lot of love and dedication. His love for the traditions of different nations left a bright mark on his music career. In his childhood the acclaimed Hungarian composer lived for some time in Galánta province (today part of Slovakia) where he listened to many Roma orchestras. Later, he discovered Hungarian folk dances published in a series of collections in 1800 in Vienna. In Dances of Galánta Kodály used motifs recorded by Roma people from Galánta and quoted in these collections. The concert programme also consists of Slavonic Dances by Antonín Dvořák which is also among the most popular and beloved pieces by the acclaimed Czech composer.

The concert of the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra will begin with the premiere of a concert for shepherd’s flute, clarinet and orchestra by Theodosii Spassov (shepherd’s flute). Theodosii Spassov will play together with Ilian Iliev (clarinet). Ilian Iliev graduated the National Academy of Music in the classes of Professor Petko Radev. He also studied at the Juilliard School. Ilian is classical clarinetist, but has been playing quite successfully folk music since he was a child. Ilian’s collaboration with Theodossi is by inheritance. Ilian Iliev’s father Nikola Iliev was a virtuoso clarinetist who founded and headed the popular Konushenski Folk Orchestra. In 2000 Theodosii Spassov’s author’s album Na Trapeza was released. This album gathered a series of inspired music dialogues between Theodosii Spassov and Nikola Iliev. It was recorded live and was assessed highly by the music experts and the fans of folklore music. Theodosii Spassov said that he has been working over his new music work for nearly two decades. This is a music that brings joy to us and the audience. This is how Theodosii described his work. “Of course, my music contains elements of folklore- what I love, I grew up with and studied. I believe that music created in this country should always have sparks of folklore, Theodosii Spassov says.

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