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Georgi Kornazov: "I am glad to have presented ‘Shades of Light’ on Bulgarian stage"

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In the early 90s of people knew him from his youth career as a street musician, as well as being part of the AKAGA band. For decades, the famous trombonist has been living and working in France. He says that it is always a "special thrill" for him to perform his music in Bulgaria together with local musicians at festivals, concerts and in clubs across the country.

“For several years I have been actively writing music for larger ensembles – such as ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Reflections’, which are suites for a big band and three soloists. We performed them with the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio.

This year I decided to write music for a different ensemble. I call it a medium band because it is neither small nor large - five wind instruments, a full rhythmic section and a singer. This is a new period in my creative biography - for the first time I have created works for such a composition, as well as vocal music. Orchestration is of the type that Gil Evans uses in Miles Davis's Birth of the Cool album. I called my project "Svetlosenki" (“Shades of Light”). I had the pleasure to present it in two concerts on Bulgarian stage, with some of the best Bulgarian musicians. Among them is Rossen Zahariev - trumpet and flugelhorn. For the first time I invited Dimitar Lyolev - alt saxophone, and Arnau Garrofé- tenor saxophone. I had not worked before with jazz singer Lili Ilieva. In addition to performing the vocal episodes, she wrote some of the lyrics and the rest were written by Petya Ivanova (a Bulgarian living in Switzerland). I had not played music with Alexander Logozarov before - a wonderful guitarist, Boris Taslev - double bass, Lyubomir Tsanev - piano. In the group we also had a musician from the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra - horn player Krasimir Konstantinov. Tube player is Nikolay Temniskov.


They are all great musicians and it was an exciting experience on stage. This is an entirely new program, with the exception of two pieces I had included on my first album, but I was interested in how they would sound in a different sound environment. As in the previous projects I mentioned, the music flows continuously, one state interflows into another like in a movie or a play. Like shades of light ...”

Georgi also says that he has been preparing for the realization of this big project in France, but currently “Svetlosenki” remains a work performed only on Bulgarian stage.

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