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Innovative international platform to help beginner freelancers start their career

Photo: freelancersincubator.com

A newly-created platform will be providing useful tips to those who want to start freelancing career and learn how best to position themselves in the ocean of freelancers around the world. Among the goals of the project's creators are teaching people presentation skills and ways to keep their clients. Ilian Petrov, manager of the training center developing the FreelancersIncubator.com platform, says freelancing has been gaining popularity in recent years:

"More than 40 per cent of our students want to change their profession and become freelancers. This percentage has been increasing every year and can even be seen as a mass phenomenon. In Bulgaria we also see strong interest from foreigners who live in our country and work as freelancers because taxes here are quite low and the quality of life is not much different to that in Western European countries. Freelancing has been gaining popularity in Bulgaria and around the world."

The platform is being launched as the world's first freelancer incubator. Ilian Petrov told us about the novelties in the implementation of the Bulgarian initiative:

"The idea came from a poll we did as we wanted to find out why our clients were looking for vocational training and what their purposes were. We saw that many of them were looking for a chance to work as freelancers. We summarized the data and decided to adapt our training in this direction. Once our clients acquire a particular profession, e.g. interior designer, programmer, graphic designer, etc., we provide them with a training focused entirely on freelance positioning. While working on the concept, we searched for good international examples to get to know the structure of such training, but we did not find a similar idea. That's why we decided that we could apply our concept to a wider range of people - not just in Bulgaria, but to position the Freelance Incubator as an international platform that could be beneficial to more people from around the world. The training is provided in English. In Bulgaria, for our Bulgarian clients, we provide a free training called ‘Successful Start in Freelance’. The English courses on freelanceияincubator.com will be live in the form of webinars and will also be free."

The lecturers have considerable experience in freelancing activity and will share their know-how, Ilian Petrov says and adds:

"Many of the lecturers will be foreigners. Many of them are willing to pass on their knowledge and skills to novice freelancers, because they know how difficult it is to start, especially on the international market. They are excited to be able to help more people go this way. "

“Technological development also gives rise to the development of freelance activities,” Ilian Petrov also says. “Technologies also boost improvement of platforms that provide employment to freelancers. Through them, service users have full and accurate accountability for the time each freelancer operates on their project. These platforms also facilitate the process of finding and negotiating with a specialist, no matter where in the world they are located. This ensures full transparency of the job done.”

English: Alexander Markov

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