Writer Martin Ralchevski: We must believe Bulgaria would continue to exist!

At the backdrop of consumerist attitude towards the world around us, speaking about faith in God and eternity is becoming an increasingly difficult task. However, writer Martin Ralchevski manages to openly and beautifully recall in his books the eternal Christian messages with the hope of a spiritual revival. Not only because he graduated from the Faculty of Theology at Sofia University, but because he believes that doing good is something that loses its power and meaning outside the context of faith. Recently, Ralchevski has presented his latest book – “The Meaning of Life”, which he also adapted into a movie script. The plot focuses on gradual depopulation of the Rhodopes and the disappearance of Bulgarian identity:

“I hope to show that a single person could turn over an entire mountain or that a handful of people can change an entire country for the better by faith alone,” the writer told Radio Bulgaria. “People turn to beauty and truth just like pure faith carries a powerful message. If a single person, from all his heart and soul, decided that he or she would not allow Bulgarian culture to disappear from the Rhodopes, I believe it could be done! He would pass on his faith to two, three, four, or five more people! It would become a community and we would save the Rhodopes and all of the depopulating areas in Bulgaria. I may be too optimistic, but I do believe it! Do you understand? We must all believe!”

That's why Martin Ralchevski hopes the story described in his latest book to be turned into a movie. Moreover, since the beginning of the transition to democracy, no Orthodox religious films have been produced in Bulgaria. For 30 years, Russians have managed to create 120 religious films and Romanians and Serbs are not lagging behind, let alone the Greeks who jealously guard their Orthodox traditions.

“We haven’t shot a single movie of this type. I wrote the script and it doesn't require a big budget for realisation. I hope that some kind person who has the financial ability to help would respond. There is also a director and producer who are to work on it, so it is just a matter of financing. I really hope, but I doubt it that the Bulgarian state would sponsor something related to the spirituality of Bulgarian people. Our country has other goals now – pro-European, pro-Atlantic, neoliberal, etc. and that is why I think that some rich man who loves Bulgaria could help in the realisation of the movie.”

What would make Bulgarians living abroad return to their home country? A miracle like the one described in the book?

“Yes, the story is dramatic, but it has a strong positive ending. I wish the same for Bulgaria. After all the suffering, I hope for a revival. Why not? A person may suffer from a serious illness but then completely recovers and starts a new life. Such a person remembers the disease and what he went through and becomes more cautious – stops smoking, drinking and adheres to a healthier lifestyle. My book gives hope that such a revival is possible, but not as a part of political project or something fictitious! There could be no revival in Bulgaria without God, without the love of Orthodoxy and the Bulgarian language. Therefore, we are talking about a true miracle that I have described in the book, but I will not reveal more so that the reader can experience the catharsis. I want my message to reach more people and if my dream of shooting a movie became reality, it could reach thousands of Bulgarians, even millions... It is not a film about profit but about faith and about the fact that you are eternal and you have a soul and God loves you. What is more beautiful than that? And Bulgaria will survive!

·  Martin Ralchevski’s career started about 15 years ago as an author of poems. In 2008 he published his first novel “Endless Night'' (published in England, as well). He has been living in England with his family for 10 years and continues to write books and movie scripts. His novel ''30 Pounds'' (2012) was published in Germany, while “Soul” (2018) topped the book sales charts in Bulgaria for months.

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