US Ambassador Herro Mustafa: Trump-Borissov meeting elevates bilateral relations to next level

Photo: BTA

The new US Ambassador to Bulgaria, who entered office just a month ago, has held a speech to the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria. In it, Ambassador Herro Mustafa outlined the priorities that she would work on during her term in office. She started her speech in Bulgarian as a compliment to this country:

“In the US it was Thanksgiving yesterday (Nov 28, 2019). This is a day of reflection on everything we are grateful for. This year I am especially grateful to live in this wonderful country - Bulgaria. I am working with the best embassy team across Europe and I am learning more about Bulgarians and their ancient culture every day. It is because of the Bulgarian people that I am optimistic about Bulgaria's future and the relations between our two countries.”

Ambassador Mustafa denied words that the invitation for a meeting between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov was a form of gratitude for the deal concluded between the two countries for the purchase of new fighter jets for the Bulgarian military aviation.

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