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Boyko Borissov: Bulgaria seeks balance in its relations with Russia through deterrence and dialogue

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“Crimea is to the left of the Black Sea, Istanbul is to the right and Kosovo is behind us. So, the principle I am upholding and fortunately our colleague Stoltenberg upholds as well is defense and deterrence. That is why we arm ourselves- to be strong and able to fend off any aspirations for our territory or our alliance. Second point- dialogue with Russia. That is why I have been working so actively for the joint project for Belene nuclear power plant and the Balkan Stream. The White House, NATO and the EU know this. This is the balance, which allows Bulgaria to play a key role in the region and in the Black Sea, Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov said in Brussels after the meeting with the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. In return, Jens Stoltenberg praised Bulgaria that in 2019 it has spent 3.25% of its gross domestic product on defense. NATO’s Secretary General also emphasized Bulgaria’s role in the resolution of the dispute between North Macedonia and Greece, which enabled Bulgaria’s western neighbor to receive invitation for NATO membership.

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