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Bulgaria in Pictures

| updated on 2/14/20 3:35 PM

The town of Vratsa, northern Bulgaria. This is the yard of the Ethnography revival period complex “St. Sofronii Vrachanski”, where a festive folklore happening is taking place. The event is launched to celebrate the Trifon Zaresan feast of vine growers and wine-makers. The performers are representatives of the Hemus Dance Ensemble.  Photo: BTA

The Rila Mountain resort of Borovets – sunshine, snow and beautiful views for a perfect weekend at the ski resort.  The water fountains, which are among the emblems of Borovets resort, always freeze during this time of the year, creating amazing ice pyramids.  Photo: Iva Grinko

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Bulgaria in Pictures

The northeast Bulgarian town of Isperikh enjoys a festive March 1 decoration to meet the Day of Granny Martha. The spring red-and-white decorations are installed in the town’s centralsquare, around the monument of Khan Asparuh.   Photo: BTA

published on 2/27/20 1:24 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

Haskovo, the Municipality square. This year, again, in the last Wednesday of February, many Bulgarian towns marked the Day for opposing harassment at school. The day is also known as Pink Shirt Day.   Photo: BTA Sofia: a glowing..

updated on 2/26/20 2:28 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

“Historical Park” at the village of Neophit Rilski, Varna region. The large figure of King Kaloyan, made by sculptor Dishko Dishkov, is the latest monument added to the attraction tourist complex. The site gained first place in the..

updated on 2/25/20 4:39 PM