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Mystery cheerleading team conquers European and world stages

Photo: Arnošt Mrázek

If one person only touches your soul, he ignites a flame that turns you from a dreamer into a creator. This happened to twenty girls in their home town of Pazardzhik. One day a cheerleading coach appeared in their lives. She lit the smoldering coals in them and the little cheerleaders wished to conquer the world.

There is no mystery in the fact that a very little known cheerleading team conquered Europe and the world in the same year. In 2018, the girls from Mystery cheerleading team won all types of trophies, because destiny met them with rhythmic gymnastics coach Verginia Nesheva who changed their attitude towards this sport which is rather perceived as entertainment.

Seven years ago, Verginia set herself the task of fulfilling the dream of the Director of the Municipal Children’s Complex in Pazardzhik- to take the cheerleading team to the world stage.

My first task was to change the understanding of children in the training hall, Virginia recalls. In most cases, they were coming there to dance only. But from that moment on, they had to train a lot as well. 

Virginia brought with her the self-discipline and the striving for perfection from the rhythmic gymnastics hall and the children in return captivated her with their enthusiasm and encouraged her to fall in love with cheerleading. The result of their joint work is one world title, a second place at world cheerleading competition and two European titles. However, the girls from the Mystery cheerleading team won another particularly emotional victory- the admiration of the audience with their participation in Bulgaria’s Got Talent competition where they reached the final stage.

The performance of Mystery cheerleading team is not merely a walk with pompoms and a baton. Their combinations include difficult elements from the rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and sport dances. All residents of the town of Pazardhik know them and are always happy to meet them on the street.

We take part at various programmes at a regular basis and promote cheerleading on these events, Verginia Nesheva went on to say. We always participate at the celebrations on occasion of the Day of Slavonic Script-May 24. On this day, all residents gather together downtown Pazardhik and we hold a festive procession-the girls draw with their bodies, their pompons and batons and make the holiday even more beautiful.

Radka Lazova became a cheerleader after a kindergarten teacher handed out leaflets about this cheerleading team. Today, she is captain of the Mystery cheerleaders and shares both her joy, difficulties and problems with the other girls in the training hall.

Being cheerleaders is something very special for us, because we not only perform the beautiful compositions of our coach, but we also made one huge family and became close friends, team captain Radka Lazova says. Being cheerleaders means to us that we belong to a unique team where we can express ourselves, receive support even in difficult times and share all good and bad moments. Being cheerleaders in general is great honor and recognition for us.

The “Cheerleading Queens”, as their coach likes to call them, are again preparing for their next European and World competitions. They all contend that cheerleading will always remain part of their lives and they will always work to make it more popular in Bulgaria and abroad.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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