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The spread of COVID-19 imposes new travel restrictions

Latest updates on travel restrictions as of March 15, 2020 (according to Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


From 12:00 am on 03/15/2020, all land border crossings of Albania with neighbouring countries - Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Greece, are closed for all types of public and private transport until second order. The measure does not affect the transport of goods.


You will not be allowed in Serbia if you come from: France, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Spain, Greece and Switzerland, Italy, Iran and Romania, as well as from individual cities and provinces of China and the Republic of South Korea.


From 4 pm on March 14, for a period of 30 days, some border crossing points with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova will be closed.


There are currently no restrictive measures on entry, exit and transit. There is a ban on stepping onPortuguese land of passengers on vessels which are close to the shores, unless they are Portuguese nationals or long-term residents of the country. Border control with Spain is expected. The Autonomous Region of Madeira completely closes its ports.


From 8 a.m. on March 16, all airports and ports are closed. Border control will also be strengthened. Arrivals in Norway from non-Scandinavian countries are subjected to home quarantine for 14 days. International airports require proof from every foreigner that a quarantine space is provided. Otherwise, foreigners should leave Norway immediately.

Шри ЛанкаОт 14 март 2020 г. се преустановява до второ нареждане предоставянето на визи при пристигане в страната, чрез електронната система ЕТА. Това решение не важи за притежателите на дипломатически, официални и служебни паспорти. При пристигане на международното летище Bandaranaike пътниците преминават температурен скриининг и попълват здравна декларация. Пасажерите и екипажът на круизните кораби не се допускат да слизат на сушата.

Sri Lanka

From March 14, 2020, the granting of visas upon arrival in the country through the electronic ETA system will be suspended until the second order. This decision does not apply to holders of diplomatic, official and service passports. On arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport, passengers undergo temperature screening and complete a health declaration. Passengers and crew of cruise ships are not permitted to descend on ground.

The Maldives

A public health emergency has been declared by 12 April. There are three islands under quarantine: Kuredu, Kurаmatхi and Sandies Bathala. Temperature screening is performed before leaving the islands. Vilamendu and Reethi Rah, Six Senses Laamu, and resorts in Male are under surveillance for suspected COVID-19 infection.

To assist persons travelling abroad, updated information is daily published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Situation Center. In case of need of urgent help, call: +359 2 948 24 04; +359 2 971 38 56

You will find up-to-date information on coronavirus and measures in Bulgaria in nine other languages ​​- in the foreign language sections of Radio Bulgaria website.

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