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Stoyo Krushkin and his Bulgarian Balkan Band

Photo: BTA

Stoyo Krushkin was born on 25 December, 1882, in Bistritsa village not far from Sofia. He was sent to Sofia at an early age. And that was the start of his passion for military bands as he watched them march in the streets of the city. He would often march behind them, copying the way they do it. His long road as a musician took him to America. There he founded and was leader of the first Bulgarian orchestra. To begin with, the Bulgarian Balkan Band’s repertoire consisted of what Stoyo Krushkin had learnt in his practice as a military guard musician – Bulgarian marches and the odd folk songs.

On the occasion of the day of military brass bands, 31 May, Radio Bulgaria goes back to the story of Stoyo Krushkin, a Bulgarian military guard musician in America.

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