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Sofia Philharmonic responds to the blow...with symphony concerts and "Romantic Summer"

More about the first summer season from chief conductor Naiden Todorov

Photo: BGNES

After months of isolation, canceled concerts and active music activity online, on June 28 the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra once again invites people to the Bulgaria Hall. For the first time in its history, the prestigious orchestra has prepared a summer season - a colorful series of symphony and chamber concerts, which will be held in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health for protection from Covid-19. The orchestra will be smaller and the seats in the hall will be occupied according to a preliminary scheme, providing the necessary distance. The chamber performances are entitled "Romantic Summer" and will be held outdoors - in the Atrium of Square 500 (one of the buildings of the National Gallery).

"This is an exceptional place that we found while looking for a place for chamber concerts,” Maestro Nayden Todorov says. “For the programs we have invited some of the most famous and beloved Bulgarian musicians. Soloists in the first concert are world-famous violinist Svetlin Rusev and renowned tenor Mihail Mihaylov. On July 5, under the baton of Plamen Djouroff, two of Mozart's piano concertos performed by Victoria Vasilenko and Sergei Redkin will be heard. I want to point out that for the whole summer season we have selected beautiful works and I think the audience will appreciate them. For example, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and Piazzolla on July 12 with soloist Vesko Eshkenazi. Together with the National Philharmonic Choir (conductor Slavil Dimitrov) we will perform Stabat Mater by Pergolesi as soloists are Stefani Krasteva and Ina Kancheva. One of the favorite conductors of our orchestra, Kostantin Ilievski, is also a guest. The children's "Tale of the Trumpet" with soloist Petar Makedonski (trumpet) follows. The audience will also enjoy the performance of Theodosii Spasov with conductor Grigor Palikarov. Bulgaria’s great violinist Mincho Minchev will also have a concert. We close on August 30 under the baton of Lyubomir Denev Jr. "

Chamber formations of the Philharmonic Orchestra take part in program of "Romantic Summer" The musicians expect the summer season to be successful and hope it will give a start to a new tradition. Despite the enthusiasm and excitement about the new program, Mraestro Todorov recalls that the quarantine and stopping of cultural life has been the first such event worldwide as even during the world wars concerts and theater performances continued.

"It had a double effect. On the one hand, it was the depression from the huge number of failed Philharmonic concerts, as well as my plans for a series of concerts and performances in Italy, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Brazil, USA. On the other hand, we received an unexpected gift - time with our families. The complete stop was a strong blow to the notion that no matter what happens, our activity will continue. Some even questioned whether our existence was necessary. Let's not forget that during isolation, people relied greatly on online concerts they listened to, the movies they watched, the books they read. Art had to "stop" and at the same time people needed it very much. This crisis has shown that it would be difficult for the world to continue without artists, unless the role of psychiatrists in our society became drastically bigger.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

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