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Bulgaria is among countries of Southeastern Europe which spend the most

The BCCI presented its annual "Bulgaria in figures" report
Photo: bcci.bg

The economic crisis in Bulgaria is deepening, and the country is among the countries of Southeastern Europe which is spending the most due to the coronavirus. That is why its economic recovery is expected to be slower and more difficult after the predicted shrinkage of its GDP.

In 2020 the growth of the Bulgarian economy is expected to shrink by around 7%, and unemployment – to exceed 10%. This is indicated by the annual “Bulgaria in figures” edition of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) with data about the country’s economic indicators in 2019 compared to 27 international rankings.

Bulgaria is improving its position – from 77th to 71st place – in “absence of corruption” but is declining in “rule of law”, “prosperity” and “conditions for doing business”, the document reads. 

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