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Bulgaria in pictures

New research shows that salt production near Provadia (in Varna region, northeastern Bulgaria) began around 5,600 BC. According to archaeologists from the National Archaeological Institute with a museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences conducting excavations in the area, this is the oldest salt mining and urban center in Europe. Photo: BTA​

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Bulgaria in Pictures

A handfull of colour amidst everyday gray and cloudy weather. Photo: BTA

published on 10/28/20 6:33 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

Russe on the Danube – 80 years since the opening of the Palace of Justice in the city. The building is an emblematic element of the architecture ensemble of what Bulgarians also call the “Little Vienna”.   Photo: BTA

published on 10/27/20 4:33 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

Veliko Tarnovo on St. Dimitrius Day – the traditional march to the St. Dimitrius Church and Museum in honor of the Assen and Peter Uprising. The historical event gave the start of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom 835 years ago. Photo: BTA

published on 10/26/20 5:54 PM