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Kichka Hristova – music is true salvation in these difficult times

Photo: kichkahristova.com

In 2020 Bulgaria’s folk singer Kichka Hristova marks several important events, including the 20th anniversary of Galatea folklore formation with Vasil Levski-1927 Community Center in Galata residential district in Varna. She also celebrates the 40th anniversary of Neranza folklore choir with Elin Pelin Community Center-1977 in Bulgaria’s sea capital Varna. Kichka Hristova founded and headed the two ensembles and now she feels satisfaction with her work and the success achieved over the years.

“We were celebrating with outdoor concerts. Our soloists and choir members really enjoyed the concerts”, Kichka Hristova says. Currently, she is working on videos of five songs from her rich music repertoire. Kichka Hristova is also excited about the forthcoming concert of Neranza Children’s Studia. Kichka Hristova’s alumni participate in a project related to ecology and the right attitude of children to the problem of environmental pollution in partnership with a local association. The final event of the project is to take place on October 12. “Family is the basis of any creative inspiration”, Kichka Hristova told Radio Bulgaria some time ago. You can listen to the interview with the celebrated Bulgarian singer and some of her songs in Radio Bulgaria’s publication: “Kichka Hristova: I want my songs to reach every heart beating with rhythm of Bulgarian folklore”

Compiled by: Albena Bezovska

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