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Travel information for arrivals in Bulgaria in conditions of Covid-19 pandemic

Radio Bulgaria sought out the answers to the questions asked most frequently by people intending to visit Bulgaria in the coming weeks.

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Does Bulgaria have a list of zones/countries arrivals from which are required to undergo a mandatory PCR test, quarantine or other restrictions?

Citizens of all non-EU countries are not allowed entry into Bulgaria until 31 January by order of the Bulgarian minister of health which came into effect on 1 December and extends the regime put in place in September by 2 months.

Besides citizens of the EU, the ban does not affect citizens of Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, UAE, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Israel, Kuwait, Belarus and Turkey.

The measures do not affect persons specifically included in a list of professions – medical specialists and researchers, social workers and their management staff, medical suppliers, officials etc.

Citizens of countries for whom entry is allowed but whose point of departure is a country from which entry is not allowed are required to have a negative PCR test. Exceptions shall be made for transit passengers.

Who can seek help if infected with Covid-19, where and how?

Every foreign citizen in this country experiencing symptoms resembling coronavirus symptoms can seek medical care immediately. Hospitals in Bulgaria do not make any distinction between Bulgarian and foreign citizens. The aim is to provide all people with adequate medical assistance notwithstanding the worsening epidemic situation and the expected shortage of hospital beds and medical staff in the country.

What should foreign citizens do if they have Covid-19 symptoms?

In case of emergency foreign citizens in Bulgaria can dial 112. Any person with such symptoms can go to any medical establishment on the territory of the country at any time. In the event that they have been placed under quarantine, or that they are not in need of emergency medical assistance, they are monitored by a Regional Health Inspectorate official.

What documents are foreign citizens required to have to be admitted to a medical establishment on the territory of Bulgaria?

Citizens of EU countries coming to Bulgaria are required to have a European Health Insurance Card or a replacement certificate proving their entitlement to the emergency or urgent medical assistance every EU citizen is entitled to.

All other citizens coming from third countries need to get in touch with the respective Regional Health Inspectorate which will assist them. Against payment they can receive all kinds of medical care at healthcare establishments on the territory of Bulgaria.

How much do paid PCR and rapid antigen tests for Covid-19 cost in Bulgaria?

All citizens – Bulgarian and foreign – can undergo a PCR test of their own volition for the average price of 120 Leva (61 euro), and a rapid antigen test for coronavirus for the price of around 30 Leva (15 euro) at one of the licensed laboratories on the territory of the country.

How and where on the territory of Bulgaria can foreign citizens get a PCR test?

Every citizen – whether Bulgarian or foreign – can undergo a PCR test and a rapid antigen test for coronavirus of their own volition at the licensed laboratories on the territory of the country.

By order from 16 November, 2020, the minister of health designated 76 healthcare establishments and regional health inspectorates to perform the highly specialized diagnostic laboratory polymerase chain reaction test for Covid-19.

They are in Sofia, Varna, Stara Zagora, Burgas, Plovdiv, Pleven, Kurdzhali, Razgrad, Russe, Vratsa, Silistra, Haskovo, Pernik, Veliko Turnovo, Asenovgrad, Petrich, Montana, Sliven, Gabrovo, Shumen, Blagoevgrad, Karlovo, Smolyan,  Gotse Delchev and Panagyurishte.

Where can foreigners find up-to-date information connected with Covid-19 in Bulgaria?

1.  Up-to-date information about the spread of the coronavirus infection on the territory of Bulgaria is available on Radio Bulgaria, the BNR’s website in ten languages - Bulgarian English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish, Greek and Albanian. Just click on the Covid-19 banner.

2. Foreign language leaflets with information about Covid-19 will be made available at all border check points in the Republic of Bulgaria

The leaflets will be in 9 languages and will be made available to arrivals in the country at all land and air borders.

The leaflets will be in English, German, French, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian and will inform foreign citizens what steps to take if they experience symptoms, who to turn to for treatment, and what to do during isolation. 

Compiled by Veneta Nikolova

Photos: Pixabay

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