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Our hearts guide us – the campaign that warms the hearts of lonely elderly people

Photo: Facebook /Vokil Motoclub

"No gesture can be more beautiful than giving from what you have to those who do not have because it is easy to be good and good is contagious!" With this emotional appeal, the Varna motorcycle club "Vokil" called on its fellow citizens to support the "Hearts Lead Us" campaign aimed at helping elderly and lonely people. They are convinced that a dose of attention and heartfelt conversation can warm the frozen lonely souls more than anything else.

So they decide to dedicate time, money and, most of all, a kind word to the people who will welcome the approaching holidays all by themselves. This is not the first charity event of the club, which for four years has been helping, in one form or another, the sick and needy:

"This year we wanted it to be something different – to reach the last one who needs support”, says Nikola Dimitrov, chairman of the club.

“So the idea was born to buy products for people to whom fate was not favourable. We promise to be very strict in complying with anti-epidemic measures. We do not want to put at risk the elderly who for various reasons live alone in poverty and deprivation. The idea is to see them, they are our mothers and grandmothers. We will try to give them some time to see that they are not forgotten by the world and people. Therefore, whichever of them wishes, we will talk from a distance. For those who are afraid we will leave a bag of products in front of their door."

The news of the club's initiative won the hearts of many and ignited the flame of hope that kindness and humanity in Bulgaria will survive, despite all trials.

"This is a great idea!" says Tsvetelina Alexandrova from Varna, who shares common views and values in an online platform for personal development.

"I really liked this idea because the elderly really seem to be forgotten by society," adds Veska Manova from Sofia, who also participates in the platform. "This initiative among young boys shows that there are still burning embers preserved through the generations," says Yotka Halacheva from Karlovo.

The actions of the Vokil motorcycle club are coordinated with the Social Service in Varna, which has provided them with lists of lonely people with low incomes. In addition to food, the young men intend to support the seniors also with small repairs in their homes. The initiative meets the support of the other motorcycle clubs, which in Varna amount to a total of 15, as well as the people of Varna, outside their organizations. The products have already been purchased and about 180 packages have been made. Their delivery begins on Saturday, December 19, and will continue in the coming days until everything is delivered to the homes of those in need:

"We were very pleasantly surprised that in Bulgaria we are really very sincere and good people”, says Nikola Dimitrov. “I want to tell everyone that there are many good people. Don't forget this! Look around, they are around us! Our campaign would not reach this scale if it were not for everyone who got involved. Because our hearts lead us - and we find a way and a path where others give up."

Photos: Facebook /Vokil Motoclub and Nikola Dimitrov

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