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Simeon Krastev – a lawyer capturing pieces of Sofia through his lens

Photo: Simeon Krastev


My name is Simeon Krastev, I live in Sofia and I am a lawyer by profession. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to share a small part of the beauties I see every day.

My love for photography originated many years ago, when I first started shooting as an amateur - temples, monasteries and religious services, both in the country and abroad.

In 2013, an idea was born to create the Facebook page "Faith, Hope and Love". My goal was to show people the beauty of Orthodoxy, the beautiful churches and monasteries in Bulgaria and the daily services held in them, as well as the dynamics of Church life.

Over the years, photography has turned from a hobby into something more - magic that has the power to inspire, to give hope and to provide a different view of otherwise everyday situations and objects.

It was this magic that made me take an evening photo of the beautiful building of the Ivan Vazov National Theater in Sofia. Quite by accident, the photo I entitled "Pieces of Sofia" became very successful andthat is how an unforgettable adventure to the beautiful corners of the capital city started, which I present on social networks.

Sofia is a wonderful city, but we just need to pay a little more attention to the beauties that surround us.

Through my lens I try to capture the beauty and magic of everyday sights, moments and landscapes that most of us do not pay attention to. In a constant hurry, we often miss to see the unique nuances of sunrises and sunsets, the play of light and dancing of the sun's rays on the facades of buildings, beautiful compositions and architectural masterpieces, or even the graceful stork that builds its nest and cares for the young storks.

Every day I admire the charm of the capital city and how different Sofia can be in different seasons and even in different parts of the day - from a sunny morning to a rainy evening, from soft snow cover to the unique shades of spring, through the warm rays of summer and the palette of autumn colors.

Photography is the art that makes it possible to capture the magic of reality around us and this way it touches people’s hearts and inspires them.

I have realized that the photographic equipment used is not so important - whether we use old cameras, a smartphone, a professional camera, a drone or another device. The best device is what allows you to capture a specific moment and the best photo is the one which you put love into; everything else are details.

I wish everyone an unforgettable journey across Sofia, the country and abroad!

English: Alexander Markov

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