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Bankya hosts festive alley of crafts on Bulgaria’s National Day

Photo: facebook/rayonbankya

A Festive Alley of Traditional Arts and Crafts is organized on March 3 by Sofia’s Regional Chamber of Crafts in the resort area Bankya. The occasion is Bulgaria’s National Holiday, and the goal is to see how the beautiful artefacts of the craftsmen contribute to the good mood and remind us that living crafts preserve the Bulgarian spirit and preserve Bulgarian national identity.

The Alley of Crafts in Bankya will bring together masters of artistic knitting, woodcarving, souvenirs and household items, sculpture and stonemasonry, embroidery, painting and engraving on glass and leather, artistic casting, ceramics and much more. Demonstrations of activities from the master workshop are also planned, but with a modern flavour. "During this festive Alley of Crafts people will be able to take a look at products with high aesthetic value and will get acquainted with the best quality of craftsmanship at the moment in Bulgaria," says an interview with Radio Bulgaria the famous hairdresser and chairman of the Regional Crafts Chamber, Krastyu Kapanov:

"There is no place one can see the quality works of Bulgarian craftsmen if no such exhibitions are organized. Especially with the entry into the market of cheap products, often made in China, things take on a different meaning. Bulgarian craftsmen are known for their diverse and high-quality work. The guests of the Alley in Bankya will enjoy many beautiful things made with the characteristic style of the native masters. Craftsmen not only need funds, but also a place to present themselves to the public. It is extremely important to support small and medium-sized businesses, in this case crafts in all its forms. But we do not find much understanding by the authorities that more legal protection is needed for handicrafts. And there are thousands of craftsmen in the country, but they do not register with professional organizations because the law does not oblige them to."

Krastyu Kapanov reminds that his organization, which includes 869 active craft enterprises, has long prepared a proposal for legal changes. They want to guarantee the quality of craftsmen services and to have better regulation and protection of employees in this field. Until now, the troubles of Bulgarian craftsmen have not been the subject of attention by lawmakers. The hope is that the forthcoming new parliament will be more understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs who practice any form of craft.

In recent years, many artisans have sought employment opportunities abroad, and now measures against the pandemic have left them with almost no livelihood. "We have a lot of talent, but the problem is that they remain at the same level, and as in any profession, one must always grow and develop," says stylist Krastyu Kapanov.

English Rositsa Petkova
Photos: facebook/rayonbankya, BGNES

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