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Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays homage to Saint Sophronius of Vratsa

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Today the Bulgaria Orthodox Church honours the memory of Saint Sophronius of Vratsa - a Bulgarian clergyman, bishop of Vratsa, national awakener and first follower of the work of Paisii Hilendarski. In Vratsa, the feast of the saint, who is the heavenly patron of the diocese, will be marked with various initiatives in compliance with the restrictive measures. BNR correspondent Iva Antonova reported. 

For the day of the saint in the ancient church of the Holy Ascension, part of the St. Sophronius of Vratsa Revival Complex, a holy liturgy will be served.

Today, the oldest primary school in the town of Vratsa also marks its patron's day. In order to comply with the restrictive measures, students will not gather in one place, and a festive program will be played in the classrooms via the school radio.

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