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Yvette Ardelean – a Bulgarian woman in America with a crown and a uniform

Photo: Facebook /Yvette Ardelean

She has been wearing a Police uniform for several months, but this is not her only role. When she is not filming action scenes, she works on her clothing line and from time to time becomes a real soldier. With or without a crown, Bulgarian Yvette Ardelean attracts attention wherever she goes.

All fans of the hit TV show Chicago P.D. will soon be able to watch the new episodes, in which Yvette Ardelean is the lead female actor. Yvette signed a contract for three seasons. She plays a police officer who is part of a team investigating murders and other serious criminal offences.

“In 2018 I signed a contract with an agency in Beverly Hills which helps me find jobs as a model and an actress”, said Yvette Ardelean for Radio Bulgaria. My agent learned that the Chicago P.D. TV show was looking for a lead female actor, because one of the actresses was going to participate at another TV show. Executive Producer Dick Wolf liked my Bulgarian accent and I have been starring in the film since October last year.

Bulgarian-born actress and model Yvette Ardelean hardly imagined that one day she would wear a uniform, just like her parents, who are police officers.

“In 2004 my father won a Green Card and my family moved to the USA”, recalls Yvette Ardelean. “We lived in Boston for one year, because our financial sponsors were there. I went to school, although I did not speak any English yet. It was very difficult. I was crying and wanted to go back to Bulgaria, because I did not like it at all. However, I got used to it, made friends and learned the language over time. I have not returned to Bulgaria since then”.

As a teenager, Yvette won her first beauty contest in Boston. She has been into fashion and modeling since a little girl. Three years ago, Yvette won Ms. Hollywood and later she won Ms. California. In September 2021, Yvette Ardelean is to face her biggest challenge- she is going to participate at Miss America pageant for women 26 years of age and up.

The jury likes my sense of humor. I joke when I am worried and make everyone laugh. One needs to show confidence, in order to make an impression.”

Yvette Ardelean is going to back the cause of the fight against violence at the forthcoming pageant. Recently, she joined the United States National Guard.

I work part time at the National Guard. I am required to train one weekend a month. If there are riots, floods, tornados, or God forbid there is a war, we are there. Once a year we attend a two-week training course. We learn how to shoot, how to swim and how to be ready for action. I have not yet participated at a real mission”, said Yvette Ardelean.

Although she is busy with so many different things, Yvette Ardelean is planning to visit Bulgaria once the coronavirus pandemic is over. Her impressions of Bulgaria are primarily based on her childhood memories from the Bulgarian seaside and the stories of a former classmate.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Photos: Facebook /Yvette Ardelean

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