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Slavi Trifonov did not say whether he would be prime minister if ITN won early elections

Photo: BGNES

In his first interview after the parliamentary elections, Stanislav Trifonov, leader of the second-largest party in parliament, “There Is Such a People”, said it was too early to predict whether he would become prime minister if his party won the early elections.

He added that he did not have "the great desire" to participate in politics, but was forced to do so because the referendum he organized in 2016 was neglected. Back then 2.5 million citizens voted for the introduction of a majority system and a party subsidy of 1 Bulgarian lev. The leader of ITN gave an evasive answer to the question whether his party would nominate a candidate for president in the autumn.

Asked about his usual refusal to give interviews, he blamed unfree media that made the country 112th in terms of freedom of speech for that. "What the GERB party did must be erased by all legal means," Stanislav Trifonov commented on the previous government. Asked about foreign policy, he said that Bulgaria would always be emotionally connected with Russia, but it was the right choice for us to join the EU and NATO.

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