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Petrich Fortress touches the sky above the Avren Plateau

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The late antique fortress of Petrich Kale has nothing to do with the town of Petrich in Southwestern Bulgaria. The fortification is located on the edge of the Avren Plateaue not far from Bulgaria’s sea capital Varna.

Once, the fortress was accessible only from the south via a narrow rocky strip of land. Today, visitors can still see some remains – fragments of fortress walls, a tower and a large water cistern.

There is a remarkable staircase, which served as a secret passage carved into the rocks. In the very center of the fortress, one can see a huge water cistern carved into the rock. Visitors can also see the metal cross placed on the edge of the rocks on the occasion of the flooding in the village of Razdelna.

You can learn more interesting details in Radio Bulgaria’s article: “Petrich fortress near Varna – architectural treasure impressing archaeologists and tourists”

Editing by: Diana Tsankova

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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