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Half of the employers ready to keep remote forms of employment after Covid-19 pandemic

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The state of emergency which was introduced in the spring of 2020 forced over half of employers (55%to start applying teleworking in their companies, whereas only 28% had previously used it as a way of organizing work. 17% of employers do not work remotely at all, indicates a survey of the Bulgarian Industrial Association conducted among human resources managers of 180 companies across the country.

The difficulties that every third employer (33.3%) faces are: the regulation of the requirements and rules for teleworking in the additional agreements with the employees and and provision of the workplaces at home with the necessary equipment. Half of the employers intend to keep the remote forms of employment after the end of the emergency epidemic situation.

72% of the employers contend that reducing overhead costs is the biggest plus of teleworking. According to 67% of the respondents, creating flexible forms of employment is the biggest advantage of teleworking.

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