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Tourists from Romania, Czechia and Poland start arriving at Bulgaria’s Black Sea resorts

Golden Sands
Photo: archive

“There is a slight increase in the tourist flow at Golden Sands seaside resort,” Stanislav Stoyanov, deputy chair of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association said for Radio Varna-BNR.

“After the restriction on entry into the country from Romania were lifted, tourists started arriving from there. Besides tourists from Romania, at the moment there are tourists from Czechia and Poland as well. Many Bulgarian tourists are rediscovering the northern portion of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline,” Stanislav Stoyanov said.

The industry is expecting the state’s reaction so as to be able to tackle the problems in the sector.

“Bulgaria needs to be better promoted as a safe destination, it needs designated quarantine hotels,” the expert stated further and added that there might not be any tourists from Great Britain this summer – they have cancelled their reservations for July. 

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