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Noise Linguistix: Music on the rooftop or how to piece together “scattered vibrations”

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They are both Bulgarian, both have studied in the Netherlands, they are friends and both love jazz. They are Mihail Ivanov – double bass and Alexander Logozorov – guitar. For years they have been following their own path in music. After graduating from university in the Netherlands, Misho (Mihail) settled in Italy, while Sasho (Alexander) chose to return to Bulgaria. The changes in our lives over the past year affected the lives of musicians negatively, but also in positive ways. Being forced to stay home, deprived of concerts and encounters with fellow musicians and audiences, many started creating new music, and even new formations. That was the time when Mihail Ivanov and Alexander Logozorov got together as a duo by the name of Noise Linguistix. But how did it all begin? Here is Misho with the answer:

“It all began with a Sofia municipality initiative “Solidarity in culture”, thanks to which we made four videos on the rooftop of a building. We decided to continue to record our musical ideas and to bring them together in one album. We received assistance for the album from the National Culture Fund, under the “Creative initiatives” programme. Alexander and I have been good friends for many years and we have performed together for a long time. In the album “Scattered Vibrations” I put together some of my old and my new compositions. In these times when the world is hushed music was our language of communication, hence the name of the duo – Noise Linguistix. The title of the project – Scattered Vibrations – comes from the fact that, as I said, in it I have put together ideas I have been playing around with for a long time, which were literally scattered on pieces of paper, flash drives, all kinds of things – i.e. the scattered vibrations of music. Most of the pieces in the album are mine, there is one by Sasho, and one by Rodrigo Faina, a friend from Argentina. We have guest musicians as well – Martin Markov – piano, Rosen Zahariev-Roko – flugelhorn. There are eight compositions in all – four with guests, and four as a duo.”

Interestingly, there is no percussion in the recordings, only drum programming by Stefan Goranov in the final song featuring Sibina Radenkova from the vocal formation Avigeya Voices. Misho and Sasho want to be the principal duo, and when the compositions allow for it, to invite different musicians. The album cover is by an old friend of Mihail’s – graphic designer from Zagreb Yasmin Peco.

After the premieres in Sofia and in Plovdiv at the end of June, in August the duo are to present their debut album at two festivals – Radar, the festival in Varna for experimental music and audio-visual art, created by Dimitar Bodurov, (7 August) and Moon Music in Kochovo – a small village near Shumen. They are expecting to receive invitations to other festivals as well.

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