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ITN withdraws nomination of Nikolay Vassilev for position of Prime Minister

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The leader of There is Such a People party Slavi Trifonov has withdrawn the nomination of Nikolay Vassilev for the position of Prime Minister of Bulgaria. Slavi Trifonov will soon nominate another person for this position and will propose a revised version of a prospective cabinet.

"I nominated Nikolay Vassilev for the position of Premier of Bulgaria. He is a person with experience in politics, state administration and the business sphere. It turned out that this is not important for those media and politicians who associated Nikolay Vassilev with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, which is not true. He was smeared in a matter of three days, wrote Slavi Trifonov. Nikolay Vassilev is a worthy person, but our country needs stability and does not need new elections, added Slavi Trifonov.

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