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Bulgaria in pictures

Bulgaria's coastal city Burgas on the Black Sea enchants its visitors both at day and night.

Photos: Krassimir Martinov​

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Bulgaria in pictures

Dragoman marsh is especially beautiful this time of year. Located some 40 kms. west of Sofia, Dragoman marsh is the biggest natural karst wetland zone in Bulgaria, with a wealth of plant life and nesting waterfowl. Nature..

published on 6/3/21 3:01 PM

Bulgaria in pictures

Yailata Archaeological Reserve in Bulgaria. The rugged beauty of Bulgaria's North Black Sea Coast impresses nature lovers, tourists, and researchers alike... An entire cave town consisting of 101 dwellings inhabited as far back as the 5th..

published on 5/28/21 11:35 AM

Bulgaria in pictures

During the holidays in Bulgaria many tourists paid a visit to “Trayanovi Vrata” Fortress ( Gates of Trajan ). The fortress, included in "The 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria", is located about 60 kilometers south of Sofia, near the "Trakia"..

published on 5/25/21 3:23 PM