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"Tuk do men" - new album by young pop singer Nelly Petkova

Photo: nellypetkova.com

"Tuk do men" (Here Next to Me) is the song that gave the title to Nelly Petkova's new album. The song is about love that gives you the strength to erase pain and move on; about the love that makes each day beautiful.

The music is by Spas Lazarov, Deyan Assenov and Nelly Petkova, the lyrics – by Lora Dimitrova and Yordan Botev. The recordings were made in Bulgaria and the USA. The songs in English included in the new album were recorded in New York and have American authors. “Tuk do men” also features renowned Bulgarian actor Viktor Kalev.

Editor: Albena Bezovska

English: Alexander Markov

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