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Who has a more lasting immunity – vaccinated people or those who recovered from Covid-19?

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It is difficult to find anti-vaccine proponents among the members of the medical profession. However, when vaccination "at any cost" contradicts the basic rule "above all, it does no harm", the picture changes. At the moment, the world is talking again about an impending new wave of Covid-19, recalling the apocalyptic episodes of last year, while the protection of those vaccinated is cracking. The information that reaches us is contradictory, often related to financial interests, so attempts to introduce compulsory immunization are strongly opposed in Europe. Another question also arises – is it necessary to artificially stimulate immunity in patients and is this harmless? Radio Bulgaria’s Darina Grigorova is looking for answers to these questions at the Covid-19 ward of Pirogov emergency hospital in Sofia whose doctors were the first to confront the virus in the Bulgaria.

"Recovering from an infection, in this case the coronavirus infection, is a kind of a vaccine obtained naturally,” says Assoc. Prof. Petar Atanasov, head of the Internal Medicine Clinic.

“A large part of the viruses generate lasting and sometimes lifelong immunity – the so-called natural vaccine. A child who has had chickenpox has 99% effective immunity. What's the point of vaccinating them then? There is already a completed immunization. It's like putting out a fire with gasoline. The artificial administration of an additional antigen can lead to a hyperimmune, autoimmune reaction, to a disease that threatens not only human health, but also human life. That is why these situations must be approached very sensibly and pragmatically."

In 99% of Pirogov's patients who had Covid-19 a year ago, a lasting increase in immunity has been observed. Only three people, out of 600, have a drop in antibodies but have not yet reached critically low levels. This is also reported in numerous publications of clinicians around the world who treated Covid-19 patients.

“One patient carries the whole class of antibodies of the type "anti-SARS-Cov2", while the individual vaccines generate a specific class of IgG”, explains Assoc. Prof. Atanasov. “We can figuratively call them “the internal troops”. It has not been proven that the current vaccines cause "production" of IgA – the so-called "border guards", which stop the "invading" virus at the front door, i.e. the mucous membranes – eyes, nasopharynx, intestines, and prevent it from reaching the blood. The one who has encountered the virus has a much better prepared and effective army (i.e. the whole army) than any vaccinated person who needs to be re-immunized after a certain period. I can't explain why this psychosis "vaccination at any cost" is ignited. Not to mention the vaccination with two different vaccines – the vector and RNA types – this is against common sense. Why should we speculate with science? And there is absolute discrimination against the sick."

With regard to re-infection, it is necessary to specify how many patients get re-infected compared to others who have recovered. Is it worth, because of two or three exceptions, that people with permanent immunity also need to be vaccinated? The answer of many doctors is "no". However, health certificates are only for persons who are vaccinated and those who are "proven to have been sick". And the others that are not registered and still have antibodies? It is on the basis of antibodies that it can be established who has what immunity and whether it is dangerous for others. Despite the warnings of experts, the Covid-19 certificates created the illusory feeling of inviolability – and the number of new infections is growing again:

"I sincerely hope that there will be no new wave in the true sense and that we will be able to cope with the upcoming epidemic peak without being swept away like with the previous tsunami," said the doctor. “Currently, I do not have reliable data about the precise number of Bulgarians who do not have antibodies. There are speculations about 2 million pеople. Among them there may be a large number of those who have encountered the virus and have had a mild or asymptomatic form of Covid-19, such people will have immunity to protect them. I hope there will be no new wave! We already had two serious lessons and we need to be prepared."

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Photos: BGNES

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