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Hristo Yotsov’s and Mihail Yosifov’s new jazz project YoYo with premiere at a jazz club in Sofia

Христо Йоцов

The renowned musician, percussionist, lecturer and composer Hristo Yotsov, who has dozens of author’s projects, came up with the idea about the new music project named “YoYo”. This time, however, Yotsov decided to present a music created by another popular musician-his colleague Mihail Yosifov. On September 18, the residents of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia who love jazz music have the opportunity to attend the premiere concert. “In recent years, Misho has participated at a number of concerts and music projects in various styles, but in the project “YoYo” he is a jazzman. He wrote a very beautiful music. I view the new project as an opportunity to expose his creative work”, Professor Hristo Yotsov said.

The name of the music project and the name of the band that presents it are formed from the first syllables of the names Yotsov and Yosifov.

“I have another idea. I want to turn this band into a platform where young and talented musicians, who need the support of those who have already gone through all that, can perform", Hristo Yotsov explains. "It may sound a little immodest, but I am thinking about something like Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers. I have long wanted to do something like this – a band, whose doors are open to various instrumentalists. The premiere of the jazz project is on September 18 at a jazz club in Sofia. We are planning to hold concerts on a regular basis and present new names at each new event, including musicians from the National Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigerov”.I must note that since Mihail Yosofov started to lecture at the National Academy of Music, things have changed dramatically.

Mihail Yosofov

He teaches key subjects such as big band, combo bands and improvisation. Thanks to him, many young performers see a good reason to study at the music academy, instead of looking for opportunities abroad. I myself have been lecturing at the National Academy of Music for 30 years now. Our mission is to help young colleagues succeed. The programme presented by “YoYo” mainly consists of new pieces by Mihail Yosifov. We have invited some celebrated musicians such as Boris Taslev (double bass), as well as two foreign musicians who live in Bulgaria- Arnau Garrofé Farràs (saxophone) and Steve Hamilton (piano)”.

No pieces from the project “YoYo” have been recorded yet. Now we bring you one of Hristo Yotsov’s authors songs – Jazzball with the participation of Mihail Yosifov.

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Photos: Pleven Phylharmonic Orchestra

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