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Balkan Developments

Tensions on the border between Serbia and Kosovo

Due to Pristina's decision to oblige drivers with Serbian registration plates to put temporary Kosovo numbers when entering the country, tensions arose at border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo. In response, Serbs in the north protested, set up a tent camp near the border and blocked traffic.

The Kosovo government's measure comes as a response to Serbia's policy towards Kosovo. Belgrade does not recognize Kosovo as an independent state, nor do the registration plates of Kosovo cars.

EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell called on Belgrade and Pristina to find a way to reduce tensions and engage in dialogue with each other to avoid further escalation.

Milo Djukanovic: There is a danger of destabilization in the Balkans

The Western Balkans remain a place of conflict of geopolitical interests, which could destabilize the entire region. Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic warned of this at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. According to him, the challenges and threats to multiethnic democracy in the Balkans have not diminished, FOCUS News Agency reported.

"The Western Balkans are once again a scene of conflicting geopolitical interests, which has led to a delay in the integration of Western Balkan societies into their natural European environment. This confusion not only leads to stagnation and lag in the development of this European region, but also creates fertile ground for the return of destructive theories that it cannot function as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious community," Djukanovic warned.

Over 6,000 Greek children with Covid-19 after 10 days of school

Doctors in Greece warn of a high degree of coronavirus infection among students, BNR correspondent Katya Peeva reported. According to available data, in just ten days since the beginning of the school year, more than 6,000 students have been infected. Every fourth case of registered positive tests is in children aged 4 to 17, doctors emphasize. However, most parents do not want their children to be tested twice a week and to wear masks at school all the time. They are suing teachers and the Ministry of Health. However, according to Greek doctors, the most risky place for infection is transport. As a result, 400 new buses are being launched in Thessaloniki to limit crowding on public transport.

Cyprus focuses on the development of mountain areas

The Cypriot government will announce in November the first call for projects in mountainous and rural areas to be funded by European funds, in the new programming period until 2027 starting next year. Through funds from the EU's rural development program, Cyprus believes to focus on infrastructure projects that promote the economy and prosperity in mountain municipalities, as well as to boost tourism. The proposals that the government has already sent to Brussels focus on employment, social inclusion, local development and support for entrepreneurship. Renovation of public spaces, roads and parks is also planned, BNR correspondent Branislava Bobanac reported from Cyprus.

The Balkans - the most preferred summer destination by the Czechs

The Balkans were the most popular holiday destination for Czechs last summer, Radio Prague reported. Traditionally, in the first place in popularity and proximity among tourists from the Czech Republic remains Croatia. More than 750,000 Czechs have chosen a holiday on the Adriatic. According to data presented by the Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek, the second most popular destination was Greece - with almost 200,000 Czech tourists. Bulgaria was chosen for a vacation by about 120,000 Czechs, while 100,000 Czechs spent their summers in Turkish resorts.

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Balkan Developments

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