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Third election campaign for 2021 starts in Bulgaria, this time in “2 in 1” format

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Election campaign in Bulgaria continues from October 15 until November 13. For the first time in Bulgaria’s democratic history, citizens would vote for a third time in just a year. The early elections for the 47th National Assembly coincide with the regular presidential elections and will be held on November 14. If there was a second round of presidential election, the vote would take place on November 21.

A total of 24 candidates have applied to run for president, while in the 2016 presidential elections, candidates from 17 parties and coalitions and 14 initiative committees were registered.

39 formations were registered in the Central Election Commission for the regular parliamentary elections in April and on July 11 a total of 23 parties and coalitions competed, while this time voters will choose MP candidates from 20 parties and 7 coalitions.

The number of polling stations is expected to reach 11,643. A total of 6,708,189 people have the right to vote.

About 750 - 800 stations are expected to be opened abroad. Their number will be close to that during the elections in July. The biggest number of stations abroad are likely to open in the UK and Turkey. There will be fewer polling stations in Germany in comparison to the previous vote, because the federal authorities have allowed a maximum of 40 locations. Spain and the United States are expected to have approximately 50 stations each.

The campaign will take place at the backdrop of an intensifying fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The parties and coalitions must take care of the health of the voters, conducting the campaign remotely, as meetings with the people should take place in the open with sufficient distance provided and with protective equipment used.

It is forbidden to publish anonymous campaign materials and texts that harm the honor and name of the candidates. The materials are not allowed to contain the coat of arms or the flag of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as those of a foreign country, or religious images and signs. During the election campaign, political agitation in state and municipal transport, institutions, or enterprises is prohibited.

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