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Patient organizations insist on a study of the immune protection of the population

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Four patient organizations have called for a National Population Immunity Program for T-cell immunity, which experts say is the only way to prove long-term protection against the coronavirus. 

According to the latest data, about 20% of the people in the country have been vaccinated and according to the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, the introduction of the green certificate restricts access to services, free movement, exercise of the right to work and other rights. 
Therefore, patient organizations recommend that the state purchase antigen tests that provide regular and effective control of the disease. The Association of Restaurants is in the same position, proposing in an open letter to the institutions that the green certificate be issued on the basis of an antibody test, following the example of Austria. 
The imposition of a green certificate for teachers will lead to a crisis in the education system, which risks being left without teachers. The restrictions will force teachers and restaurateurs to protest, those affected warn.

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