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Bulgarian educational platform receives an award at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair

With the introduction of the new anti-epidemic measures, Bulgaria’s educational system is again facing the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. A Bulgarian online platform received the special jury award at the 2021 Best European Learning Materials Awards – BELMA, held within the frameworks of the Frankfurt Book Fair. The award was given for the platform E-prosveta and the initiative “We study online with a teacher”. A team of Prosveta Publishing Group developed the platforms, which appeared nearly two years ago, in the first months of the coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria.

“The platform itself contains a lot of resources which differ in type and quality. They help children learn the study material. The platform also contains many videos, 3D animations and short lessons, which summarize the lessons from a given textbook. There are tests that help children check how well they know the study material. Those who fail to learn the study material receive instructions to go back to a certain lesson and read it again, in order to complete the test successfully”, Kina Andreeva, director of Prosveta Publishing Group explained.

Kina Andreeva clarified that the whole content of the platform is in accordance with the requirements and the plan of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education and Science. However, Bulgarian children abroad who want to learn their native language and history can also use the platform. 

“Our textbooks in Bulgarian, literature, history, geography, civilizations and economy, written for Bulgarians abroad, are also uploaded on the platform. They go with many interactive resources.”

Two years ago, we used to say that teaching in classrooms should become more interactive and in line with the new technologies. Today, we mention the online version of our children’s daily activities with fear. Do experts look at the situation from a different angle?

“I would not try to outline any positive sides. Apparently, distance learning is difficult for everyone- students, teachers and parents. In my view, students should switch over to in-person learning as quickly as possible, because students and teachers are able to interact better and teaching yields much better results. There is always a solution, despite the difficulties. Last year, when the first lockdown was introduced in Bulgaria, we started the initiative “We study online with a teacher”, in order to help children who sometimes fail to learn the whole study material. Currently, we offer around 1,600 video lessons on different subjects and for pupils from different grades which could help students keep up.”

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Photos: BGNES, BNR, e-prosveta

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