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a polling station in Christchurch, New Zealand

Smooth organization and low voter turnout mark polling day in Christchurch, New Zealand

Polling day in New Zealand’s second largest city Christchurch is proceeding normally. Voter turnout is lower as compared to the previous Parliamentary elections. 19 people have cast their ballots, whereas 29 people voted at this polling station at..

02.10.22 14:52 |

Ivan Kanchev: Bulgarians have lost the feeling that something depends on our vote

He is young, well-educated man and he is the author of four books. He has decided to stay in his native Bulgaria and popularize its history in a new way that is also attractive for teenagers. His name is Ivan Kanchev, one of the founders of the..

30.09.22 10:10 |

The WIENWOCHE festival in Vienna and the Bulgarian connection

"Art is a lie, but this lie teaches us how to get to the truth" - these words of the great Picasso seem to be the universal translation of the efforts of all artists around the world. The search for the "truth" for a better world, for the..

20.09.22 14:34 |

"KvARTal" - a cultural encounter with old Sofia

Is it possible for culture to change the image of a European capital? The answer is yes, according to DOMA Art Foundation cultural manager and executive director Martina Stefanova. Together with like-minded people, for a seventh year she has been..

16.09.22 15:20 |

"Sofya Nehirleri"nden gelecek için kültürel diyalog daveti

Büyük değişiklik, küçük bir adımve daha iyi bir geleceğe olan büyük inançla başlar. Martin Yankov bunun canlı bir kanıtı. O, değişimin mümkün olduğunu ve onlarla başlayabileceğini bilen genç Bulgarlardan biri. Martin, Greenwich Üniversitesi..

02.09.22 09:50 |

Sofia Rivers Festival inspires green action

Every transition starts with a small first step and a big belief in a better future. Martin Yankov already knows this. He is one of the bright young people who believe in change and know that they are the ones who can make it happen. Martin graduated..

02.09.22 08:05 |

Sofia Lights – magical reality in the park

Imagine the opportunity to be surrounded by nature, just a few kilometers from the heart of the big city, and feel the timelessness and tranquility that gives a sense of tomorrow's promises. The feeling that the light is there waiting for you… This..

01.09.22 08:05 |
Atanas Maev

A Bulgarian was elected to the board of the European contemporary dance network European Dancehouse Network

As performing artists in Bulgaria are still trying to recover from the "stop-start" measures of the pandemic, the light at the end of the tunnel is more clearly visible internationally. After last year contemporary dance festival in..

18.07.22 16:15 |
Atanas Maev

Avrupa Dans Ağı Yönetim Kurulu’na (Еuropean dancehouse network) bir Bulgar katıldı

Plovdiv’teki "One Dance Week"  günümüz dans festivali  geçen yıl Avrupa Dans Birliği’nin (Big Pulse Dance Alliance (BPDA) kurucularından biri olduktan sonra,  „Derida dance center “ın kurucusu ve yönetmeni Bulgar  А tanas Maev,  örgütün  Müdürler..

18.07.22 14:29 |

Petya Petkova - a living mermaid in the centre of Sofia

"There is a growing need for magic and excitement in everyday life, especially those that are available at your fingertips," says Petya Petkova, a true mermaid we meet in downtown Sofia. That's right, mermaids exist - not only in the..

12.07.22 09:21 |