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Travel bloggers present photo exhibition of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria

Polska Skakvitsa waterfall
Photo: Panayot Tolev

A photo exhibition with unique photographs by Bulgarian travel bloggers will promote domestic tourism during the pandemic. The authors of the 25 photos are members of the non-governmental organization ASTOM , uniting the most visited Bulgarian travel blogs. In the period November 7 - 20, visitors with green certificates to a big shopping center on Bulgaria Blvd. in Sofia can see some of the most beautiful places in this country, captured through the lenses of travelers-photographers. The exhibition is also to be presented in other Bulgarian cities.

Sokolksi Monasteyr of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary /  Photo: Nadezhda Serafimova

Most of the photos were shot in a year characterized by measure aimed at limiting the spread of Covid-19. In addition to shots from famous places such as Veliko Tarnovo, the Sokolski Monastery and the ethnographic complex "Etar", the exhibition presents almost unknown places in Bulgaria. Among them are dolmens in Sredna Gora, the "St. Petka" chapel near Smolsko dam, the mosque with the two minarets in the village of Chepintsi, the breathtaking view of the starry sky over the Black Sea village of Tyulenovo and more incredible shots showing Bulgaria outside the clichés of mass tourism.

Village of Chepintsi with its double minaret Mosk / Photo:  Lyubomira Danova

In the spring of 2020, immediately after the end of the first lockdown, travel bloggers organised a campaign in social networks, calling on people to support domestic tourism by choosing Bulgaria for their vacation.

Travel bloggers supporting Bulgarian tourism

According to the National Statistical Institute, the complicated situation with the pandemic has not stopped Bulgarians from traveling. Moreover, in the past year Bulgarian tourists chose their homeland, preferring to organize their own trips to little-known places, as rural and adventure tourism have been on the rise! Often travelers draw inspiration from travel blogs, which contain tons of useful information and beautiful photos. Their authors have not stopped traveling, photographing, dreaming and sharing what they have seen and experienced with others, despite the coronavirus crisis.

Black Sea shore near Tyulenovo village  /  Photo: Rossitsa Dimitrova

A  winner of a canvas with a photo of their choice from the exhibition will be drawn at random during the days of the exhibition.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: Panayot Tolev, Nadezhda Serafimova, Lyubomira Danova, АСТОМ,  Rossitsa Dimitrova

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