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Election silence day leaves us alone with our thoughts

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Today, 25 November is a day of election silence before the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. It means that candidates, parties, coalitions and citizens are not allowed to make any political campaigning whatsoever. Political campaigning is also strictly forbidden on election day. The regulation allows voters to make their political choice themselves, without being subject to political influence or influenced by political advertising.

Any sociological surveys regarding voter attitudes are inadmissible, because they may tip the scales in favor of a certain candidate, political party or formation. 

However, some ingenious types of polls can be seen on the social networks, which eventually manage to tip the scales in favor of certain political forces. Such rankings aim to encourage the undecided and make them cast their ballots. As a result, some people go to the polling stations hoping to change the election result. 

Yet, the term “reflection” highlights the freedom of choice as a fundamental principle of our democratic society. Deprived of political campaigning and election slogans, the election silence day leaves voters alone with their thoughts and lets them make a sound judgement.

Of course, the idea remains in the realms of utopia, taking into account the different forms of information that reach us. Yet, the election silence day ambiguously proves that everyone has the right to make an individual decision.

Written by: Darina Grigorova

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

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