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Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova win the presidential runoff with 66.72% of the votes cast

| updated on 11/22/21 12:29 PM
Photo: BGNES

With 100% of the tally sheets being processed, the presidential candidate Rumen Radev with running mate Iliana Yotova wins 66.72% of the votes cast. Anastas Gerdzhikov with running mate Nevyana Miteva wins 31.8% of the votes.

Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova have earned more votes as compared to the first round of the presidential elections. 1,539,650 people voted for Radev and Yotova at the presidential runoff. Gerdzhikov and Miteva earned 733,791 votes.

Rumen Radev earned 66.66% of the votes cast abroad. More than 84,650 Bulgarians abroad voted for him and his running mate Yotova. 40,132 Bulgarians abroad voted for Anastas Gerdzhikov. 

Voter turnout abroad is twice lower as compared to voter turnout registered during the first round, when 220,000 Bulgarians abroad voted for president. Rumen Radev won a convincing victory in France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, the USA and Canada. Anastas Gerdzhikov won in two countries only. In Turkey, he earned 92.33% of the votes (22,383 votes). In Tunisia, Anastas Gerdzhikov earned 16 votes and Rumen Radev earned 12 votes.

Voter turnout at the presidential runoff was lower in Bulgaria as well. Rumen Radev and Iliana Yotova win in all constituencies except for Kardzhali, where Anastas Gerdzhikov earned 64.16% of the votes and Rumen Radev earned 35.84%. In Razgrad constituency, the number of voters who cast their ballots for Rumen Radev (50.21%) was almost equal to the number of voters who supported Anastas Gerdzhikov. 

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