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Unusual ideas for spending time in nature during the winter holidays:

A balloon flight over the Sofia field, snowkiting in Rila Mountain and more winter adventures

Photo: Archive of Petko Kalaglarski

The days at the end of the year are a whirlwind of festive preparations. But this is also a time to turn to nature as the best inspirer and healer. "Usually after the 2nd day of celebrating and overeating, people decide to take care of their spirit and call us," explains Petko Kalaglarski from a Sofia-based agency for adventure tourism. By prior request, Petko Kalaglarski's team can organize a real Christmas party in the sky or a balloon flight in the company of Santa Claus and the dwarves. According to him, people divide each passing year into exciting events. We remember the experience, the emotions.

"Flying with a balloon is a good opportunity for a winter adventure, because if there are the proper flying conditions, it turns into a quiet fairytale. The balloon does not make sounds. Smooth flying over snowy fields is a unique emotion, especially if we are near the mountains. When the sun illuminates the snow caps, they shine and the view is very beautiful! We organize these flights near the mountains of Rila and Vitosha, and more precisely at Krainitsi Airport between the towns of Samokov and Dupnitsa."

Petko Kalaglarski strongly recommends that we turn our backs on the warmth of home and choose to experience the severe cold and trials in the mountains.

"For example, hiking with snowshoes or ski,, i.e. not going down the slopes, or moving calmly from point A to point B. Snowkites and kitewings are also popular. "People who learned to kite at sea in the summer can now practice the same sport in the mountains, on the Vitosha plateau," says Kalaglarski.

So put on your hiking boots, grab your warm jacket and go to the Vitosha plateau or to the foot of the 7 Rila Lakes! "These sports combine the state of mind and physical capabilities of man with the strength and direction of the wind," explains Petko.

Another option to leave your comfort zone are snowmobiles. The routes are outside the Natural Parks and eco-trails, so as not to disturb tourists, and organized groups are always accompanied by an experienced instructor. And here’s yet another idea for snow adventures on holidays - in Pamporovo one can enjoy the beauties of the Rhodopes while talking a walk with a dog sled.

And what about the so-called "March of the Fireflies"? This kind of winter festival is organized on various occasions on Vitosha, but can also be requested by larger tourist groups. "It takes place late at night. Participants climb to Aleko hut by ski or on foot, equipped with headlights that illuminate their path. Viewed from Sofia, this is a great glowing procession, "says Kalaglarski.

According to Petko Kalaglarski, such a walk in sub-zero temperatures charges people got weeks to come. A great way to say goodbye to 2021 and meet the challenges of 2022 full of energy!

Photos: Archive of Petko Kalaglarski, Pixabay

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